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Discussion in 'RLC' started by HollowTip, Feb 2, 2006.

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  1. A fine advert for the Corps, and 2 babes too! Brill! I'm so proud.
  2. I'll give the relationship two years. And I do exactly the same for most relationships formed at that tender age from any combination of male, female and small furry animals.

    It will be interesting to see if they are treated in the same way as a married serving couple when it comes to the next posting (MCM Div usually posts one to Catterick and the other to Aldershot).

  3. The RLC first at something? Hoorah :D

    Now I've read the detail, erm, hoorah? :?

    Corps glory! :roll:

    I don't have a problem with the idea but we can all name the Corps with first sex change 'Sgt Maj', so we will be the Corps of Gay Marriage for quite some while, even though I doubt they were the first in the Army to do it. (Bet the Sun put on a nice bash - Pg 3 girls, sausage rolls, etc :wink: )
  4. does this mean that if i get bored of living in the mess i can have a 'gay marriage' (possibly three or four way - if the law permits!!) with some other mess members and move into a quarter? :D :D

    i presume the marriage will not have to be 'consumated'!!!!! :? :?
  5. "But lesbianism is openly accepted in the Army and there’s a lot about"

    well that's the RLC for you... :D
  6. And you wonder why everyone calls the RLC a bunch of remf cnuts .
  7. Strange how standards swing so much - if you're straight, you can't kiss your wife or hold your girlfriends hand whilst in uniform, where as if you're in the sun you can do both.

    I suppose who you talk to. Yesterday if you asked a Brigadier, he would say it was standards; if you asked him the same question today, it would be PR.

    And finally, they say that the Sun likes to f**k over Squaddies, and now if you use it as a strap-on you can. Sorry about the language Melcher's.
  8. Good to see that you chaps in positions of responsibility have considered the effect your bigoted views might have on people looking at this site.
  9. Dont care what they think , its my opinion and i can think what i want .
  10. Isnt it great that two teenage girls will now be entitled to a quarter etc, yet a single father with regular access to children has to, at best, go on a waiting list to see if a spare quarter becomes available, or more probably just suffer and find somewhere to spend time with said children
  11. What the fick is happening to the world. I agree with drain_sniffer a father who wants to have his kids stay over has to either wait on the list for a quarter. He would not want to bring his kids to his single living accommodation or in the mess as the kids might see something unsightly there. This is all a publicity stunt yet again by the fookin Sun newspaper. As for you lesbos kiss ma hairy liney arse and in my humble opinion you got hitched too young...........................

  12. That's the world we live in today, mate, and the Army I will be leaving in 168 days.

    That said, good luck to 'em. :)

    *Edited due to mongy spellin.
  13. They may be entitled to said Quarter, but by the looks of things and the way the Army likes to play these things they'll be posted to seperate places hundreds of miles apart so will both end up still living in the block.

    I was also under the impression that most patches have Welfare Houses for the very purpose of giving single soldiers somewhere more apporopriate to take their children?
  14. Posting them hundreds of miles apart won't matter. One of them will be allowed to have a quarter and the other will get the standard gyh(p) or whatever it is called. This would be the same as rules for a hetero serving couple.