Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by chimera, Jan 26, 2005.

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  1. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    So a newspaper that actively promotes the Chav culture, a 'get yer tits out' attitude to women, is racist, sexist, homophobic, encourages people to 'throw sickies' when big football games are on etc etc has the cheek to have this S**t on its front page...

    Yob Britain
    Whitehall Editor

    BRITAIN is in the grip of an “appalling” teenage yob crimewave, Home Secretary Charles Clarke admitted yesterday.

    One in four boys between 14 and 17 is a serious or regular offender, a shock government report revealed.

    A hardcore of half a million young louts are to blame for rising street crime, owning up to offences ranging from burglary and drug-dealing to muggings and assault.

    Mr Clarke said the figures showed the need to crack down on young offenders and “hammer alcohol-related crime”.

    He added: “This is an appalling statistic. Anybody who goes into any of our city centre streets on a Friday or Saturday night has to admit there is a major problem that must be addressed. We are focusing hard on tackling the number of young offenders.

    “We must really hammer alcohol-related crime if we don’t want to build a massive problem for the future. There is absolutely no doubt that this is a very serious issue, both for health and social reasons.”

    The alarming growth of Britain’s yob culture was laid bare in official crime figures published yesterday.
  2. Please excuse me while I throw up, sad because I had really enjoyed my dinner this evening. To read this from a former Education Secretary is annoying to put it mildly... I've taught in state secondary schools for over thirty years, and helped run one of those rare things a CCF unit in a state school for a couple, and I don't recognise the description of young boys. Far from it, I am very proud of almost all those I work with, especially the cadets as they work so incredibly hard. There are some who offend certainly, but not 1 in 4 are serious or regular offenders. I would have thought 1 in 40 more like.
  3. Thats where the problem lies adrian.

    Most teenagers nowadays have no structure or discipline in their lives. The only structure that they are exposed to is the attendance at school (which is questionable at best). There is little or no discipline in schools nowadays because the liberal do-gooders have deprived people like you (teachers) the power to discipline children who cause problems.

    The only way to rectify this problem is to reintroduce some discipline and structure back into the kids everyday life. Cadet forces are a brilliant example as they teach respect for others and for oneself, whilist instilling a sense of self discipline and respect for authority.

    It would be good for the services, school and the country as a whole to introduce cadet forces ar every school, but in todays political climate, dominated by the liberal elite, this is a very long shot

    agent smith
  4. Don't necessarily blame the Sun Journos.

    They are small c conservatives with the same values as most people on this site.

    Their Boss, Rupert (I hate inherited wealth and influence that's why my children all run my companies) Murdoch, decided to become a trot when he met Tony B Liar and formed the opinion that he was a winner (B Liar also promised not to enact the regulations on monopolies in the media which would have hurt Murdochs Empire substantially). Since then his paper has backed the trots, though many of the articles are very anti trot in everything bar the conclusion.

    Having Mrs Bald ginger fatchap from Eastenders/That fantasy thing about the SAS as editor doesn't give the journos much scope for independant reporting either.
  5. Anyone hazard a guess what this is? Getting super leathered and then starting on passers-by with DIY implements?
  6. ask teenagers how many crimes they committed
    bit like asking them how many drugs they took (':twisted:')
  7. No suprise to learn the owner of the Sun is also the owner of Fox news ;) :roll:
  8. Now I know the Sun has the prettiest pics (can't believe Mel from Watford is still only 23) but for real paranoia read the Daily Mail

    It is Middle Female England's byword - and all true! 8O
  9. Almsot as truthful as the guardian :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

    At least the mail is not the governments mouthpeice!(and in some cases arsepeice! :wink: )
  10. are you a politician by any chance? :wink:
  11. Max Hastings was recently asked why he was writing editorials for the Grauniad when he's editor of the Torygraph or Sunday Torygraph (I can't remember which).

    He replied:

    "Well, it seems to be the only way to address the ruling classes these days"
  12. Wouldn't describe Prescott as class!!! :twisted:
  13. The Sun is a mendacious piece of sh*t, and it's main purpose is to influence political debate in this country so as to benefit the interests of a foreign-owned media group. It is sloppy written, sloppily edited, and has absolutely no respect for it's readers. As for the integrity of it's staff, I am sure that if Rupert suddenly decided that the Sun were to become a pinko competitor to the Guardian, they would rapidly alter the editorial style to suit their Master's wishes.

    I suppose I have a rather old-fashioned view of the Press, ie that reporting, analysis and commentary should be kept seperate, that readers should be credited with the intelligence to form their own views, without having hysterically written and grossly biased pap shoved down their throats, and that columnists and editors should be honest about their motives when commenting on issues. (Though I am certain that the Current Bun's anti-BBC bias has nothing to do whatsoever with it's parent media group owning a rival TV Station..:roll:)
  14. Well put.
  15. Cadets, whether CCF or otherwise are rarely the trouble causers IMHO (although one of the army cadets I taught committed an armed robbery while a cadet). On the other hand I used to work with naughty boys and girls in the 16-25 age range. I worked in a unit where 18 of these kids lived, and on an average day they would commit 50 crimes between them. For a few of them their life ambition would be to go to prison, and in one case one teenager told police he had committed over 200 crimes in order to get a custodial sentence! It took two CID police officers over a week of spending six hours a day with the teenager to list and confirm all the crimes.