Sun fan gives hero a home

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by OLDBIGHEAD, Oct 25, 2008.

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  1. I wonder how long it'll be before 'Dave' starts walking about the house in the buff?
  2. Great bloke.

    What a bizarre state of affairs.
  3. Probably a bit longer than it took you to confuse Current affairs with the NAAFI bar. :roll:
  4. Last time I picked up a lad off the streets and 'offered him a room' in my flat, I ended up being interviewed under caution.
  5. NAAFI bar a bit further down mate.
  6. I wasn't joking 8O

    Anyway, top bloke.
  7. Good bloke it would seem. What a strange society we live in though. If I had my way, British citizens would be helped first and foremost before spending our taxes on anyone else.
  8. He is living in a discovery which is at the high end of the homeless scale.

    Housing benefit is available if he can't work out how to get it perhaps he shouldn't have left the army

    He certainly doesn't look like he's missing his meals and if he's scoffin tesco butties he's got far too much cash

    Alternatively he could contact one of the many services charidies and they would point him in the right direction

    Its incredibly helpful that the sun found this fella within spitting distance of the afghan housing story..............................Cynical, Moi? Never!
  9. As they say, "you couldn't make it up".
  10. Strange society? I'll say. We can't house our own people but we shovel millions in aid towards countries with space programmes. Still, the next series of Big Brother will be on soon so why worry?
  11. Cant argue with that, it doesnt go into much detail as to why he is homeless, so its hard to judge. On face value, its anice gesture anyway. You, cynical? Very probably, but its hard not to be these days ! :lol:
  12. It's good there are people out there like this chap - I hope this helps this guy get his footing in civvy street so he can get everything sorted.

    Edited to add: Again, on face value as per the above posts. I hope it is just a story of someone helping a bloke in need, but the cynical part of me is asking whether that is the case.
  13. It is possible to do that for free.

    You could well be on to something there. I hope not but have my doubts. Need to learn to keep my cynical mode constantly running. Sad really. :pissedoff:
  14. I like the idea of free stuff but these fcuker can only spend so much time sourceing free sh+t because the believe in

    "Working Less / Voluntary Joblessness
    How much of our lives do we sacrifice to pay bills and buy more stuff? For most of us, work means sacrificing our freedom to take orders from someone else, stress, boredom, monotony, and in many cases risks to our physical and psychological well-being"

    No fecking doubt what so ever that their "living outside the realms of capitalism" doesn't involve shunning Gvt handouts on a fortnightly basis............................