Sun Claims reporter with "bomb" enters Sandhurst

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by pensionpointer, Jun 16, 2005.

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  1. Stand by your beds! A shame roving students with pick helves didn't get hold of the wretch!

    Sun Sandhurst Story

    According to Today programme SofS has called for immediate changes to security procedures.

  2. More silliness at New International. The other week the Sunday Times ran a story about how Sandhurst was refused the money to put in place new security measures. Now The Scum's fake bomb-meisters strike.

    Just saw the footage on Sky (Ooops! News International. Again). The guy got some footage of O/Cdt. Wales gwa'ing about in his combats and the civvie on the gate is going yo be in for a bit of a ribbing too I'd imagine.

    Thing is, eventually one of these journos is going to get slotted by a sentry, whereupon News International papers will run "Whyohwhyohwhy are the army's security procedures so aggressive?" type stories.

    So the usual round of senior politico demanding "action" and senior honchos running around like blue arrsed flies. Eventually some low-ranking supervisor will be blamed, a report compiled and large G&T's in The Mess all round?

    Or am I a cynic?

  3. No V your not being a cynic, your stating a good fact,

    if they wanna play big boys rules then they WILL get treated to the kicking they deserve, I to am supprised at the W*nkers for even trying such a thing.

    I hope one time a Journo does get shot, it will certainly make the others who try to smuggle, fake bombs or what ever through heathrow, or get onto any other army base think again.

    And then they wonder why (ex) squaddies dont like Journo's, Its coz the majority of you are all scum. Report the news for once, not try and make it!!
  4. Isn't there some sort of offence for planting 'bogus' devices? Stupid squaddies making comments about carrying 'bombs' in Airports are arrested, so why haven't the police arrested the journalist who left the 'device' at Sandhurst?

    Or are they immune from arrest?

    Wasn't this always going to happen though? The authorities at Sandhurst must have expected this sort of carry on.
  5. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    Frankly, I don't give a feck whether a member of the Royal family is at Sandbags. Simply put, if journos (*******) are going to break into a military site and not expect to be arrested, shot or preferably tortured to death, well there is something wrong with this country. It is an instruction manual for our enemies to strike against us in the form of terrorism.

    It is not in the public interest to create news about a spotty teenager going to a public school where CCF got grossly out of hand. So what we need to do is prosecute this ****** and then make an example of him.

    In fact why don't we arrested him under the new terrorism law! That's a great idea.
  6. Should have been caught pity .Could have spent summer in belmarsh
    while the security forces checked his story :) .Guards get a grip we want to
    see one of these guys caught .
  7. Security at many camps is indeed a joke - there are some training establishments you can walk onto from any direction. I was based at a headquarters unit where accommodation blocks were completely accessible. As usual, it is down to money - or a lack of.

    Hopefully a journo will find themselves in hot water the next time a stunt like this is pulled - like the idiot that posed as an Albanian asylum seeker at Heathrow and could't speak the language. I think that lowlife belonged to the Scum.
  8. B_AB,

    It was anticipated, except the journo clearly found the weak spot - the library and the librarians' albeit naive good intentions.

    The footage I've seen, and the photos are not of Prince Harry - the juniors have been issued the new black gaysack not the gayer green one. Its just unlucky that he found another gwa 6 footer.

    However much of a crime has been committed - can you see tomorrow's headline: Army arrest investigator for making them look stupid.

    I hope the bloke gets his nuts ripped off with razor wire next time he tries to climb a fence.
  9. The Fourth Estate do seem amazingly immune from prosecution. That knob who broke into Windsor to gatecrash Prince William's party got nicked, why not this journo? All these people wasting time at airports/ army bases/ royal palaces...I wouldn't mind but it's all so old now.

    The genuinely ironic thing is that you can read stuffed shirt upper-class twit columnists like Gove and Jenkins in The Times (ahem, News International) complaining about how ridiculous and OTT post-9/11 security is at Heathrow (etc). Well, given that their bosses seem to put so much effort into breaching security regimes at said establishments it really is a bit rich.

    The truth is that senior army officers, cops and politicos are scared off The Meeja. If I won the lottery tomorrow I'd set up a team and spy the phuck out of Rebekah Wade, Piers Morgan and all the rest of them and offer the resulting product, for free, to anybody who would publish it. I'm sure they've got feet of clay as much as the rest of us. I'd put a reporter into the BBC and report their arrogance and bias and disdain for "ordinary" people. You get the drift.

  10. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    Why don't we go into THE SUN (ahem News International) building with a fake bomb abd the publish it on BFBS for their lax security procedures and how we could have got a hold of their fabrications (erm sorry, informative news).

    What a tragedy.

    Hang on, fake bomb? What about the real thing?
  11. As the NuLabor Junta (pronounced in the Spanish manner-a government of "KHOONTS" loves making new laws,what about a new offence of possessing a replica bomb? After all you can be prosecuted for having a bomb-related sense of humour anywhere near an airport.

    Or even a new offence of pretending to be human whilst being a "SUN" reporter?
  12. I see that they can only be bothered with 2 column-inches in yesterdays rag about the NAOs report dealing with overstretch yet managed to find the space for this non-event. The Express has contined today with another two pages on the NAO report!

    So much for support our boys.

  13. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    But the Scum says that they support "our boys".

    Is it "Their boys" only when it suits them?
  14. I imagine that every single officer cadet at Sandhurst (less Harry?) will be delighted that they will now be required to do extra guard duty!
  15. Army scared of the meeja? Very much so. But dont the armed forces rely on the media for positive publicity, which helps recruitment? Urine off the media and those good news stories (the few that are already there) drop off to nothing.
    Surely the RMAS, in this case, could use whatever contacts it has in the media to "plant" a story, giving their side, eg "A senior unnamed officer at Sandhurst, speaking on condition of anonymity, said that the journalist who illegally entered RMA Sandhurst ran the risk of being shot by guards on the base. He went on to say that, in light of recent events, security has been stepped up and "an appropriate response" will be made to any illegal trespassing at the academy".
    Just a thought.