Summit planned to help military personnel

Have a thorough read of the NAAFI bar and you will see it is full of stories of squaddies acting like the lowest form of scum in society once drunk (and occasionally not).

We are sometimes our own worse enemies when it comes to this - one night of drunken idiots from the local base causing a couple of hundred quids worth of damage can mean that the bars in that town might think twice about letting in a bunch of squaddies, no matter how sober and well behaved they look at that time.

When on visits to Germany I told the lads that football shirts were banned as walking out wear. One or two of the older lads knew the truth but figured out why I did this - if you look like a twat you may be treated like one.

You may occasionally get bars like that one in Coventry where they are obviously taking the mickey (and that particular case has been done to death on here) but if that is the case just go around the corner to find somewhere else. Vote with your feet - then tell your mates to avoid it. Sulking is for small children and there are plenty of bars that are screaming out for the custom of well behaved drinkers.

I know it is not the NAAFI but that post is way too sensible, unlike the dribble from the OP!

It's just Labour trying to win votes.

Sad we need legislation to stop discrimination against armed forces personnel being served in bars and pubs.
It's sad that ********* won't stop whining about not being allowed in pubs and even sadder that political parties are wasting time and demanding that the government waste the country's time and money introducing laws about it.

Saddest of all is that you're still alive and posting crap on ARRSE.


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Sad we need legislation to stop discrimination against armed forces personnel being served in bars and pubs. Totally different situation in America. What does that say about British society or relationships with the military? BBC News - Summit planned to help military personnel
You ever met a group of pissed up squaddies? I'm sure your TV remote is safe you wobbling wretch.
Mods can this be holed? Done to death loads of times.
Can't see a need myself, neither can I see it working. A landlord can refuse to serve anyone he chooses for any reason, all he must not do is say what that reason is.
It's labour thus worthless unless they get re-elected
and probably worthless if they do get in...

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