"Summit Of The Americas"

Good to see Cristina Fernández de Kirchner - KFC to her chums - walk out of the summit in Colombia, because she didn't get the support she
expected/wanted from the other Latino countries regarding the Falklands. Get the hint you dozy cow.

Maybe it has something to do with the strain of "On 27 December 2011, presidential spokesman Alfredo Scoccimarro announced that Fernández de Kirchner had been diagnosed with thyroid cancer on 22 December and was announced that she would undergo surgery on 4 January 2012. However, it was later stated that she was misdiagnosed, and does not have cancer." Remind me not to nip to Buenos Aires for a check-up.

Anyway, her mum was a German....


My father was German yet served 22 years in the crab farce, so I get your your confusion, just don't blame the Germans for the argentinians.


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She strikes me as particularly ill-mannered in that she "reprimanded" the Colombian Head of State - who happened to be her host.
She is pushing for the nationalisation of the YPF oil company, which is Spanish owned. In a scenario where the Falklands belonged to Argentina, and the oil was being extracted by US companies, would there be anything to stop her doing the same to them? At least the British don't play silly games like that.
Spain would go to war, but it needs to borrow a few quid first. Until then...
Incensed Spain threatens Argentina after YPF seizure | Reuters

"An incensed Spain threatened swift economic retaliation against Argentina on Tuesday after it announced plans to seize YPF, the South American nation's biggest oil company, in a move which pushed down shares in Spanish energy giant Repsol, the controlling shareholder.

Madrid called in the Argentine ambassador in a rapidly escalating row over the nationalisation order by Argentina's populist and increasingly assertive president, Cristina Fernandez, a move which delighted many of her compatriots but alarmed some foreign governments and investors.

Promising action in the coming days, Spanish industry minister Jose Manuel Soria said: "With this attitude, this hostility from the Argentine authorities, there will be consequences that we'll see over the next few days. They will be in the diplomatic field, the industrial field, and on energy."

"Argentina has shot itself in the foot," said Foreign Minister Jose Manual Garcia-Margallo.

Despite the rhetoric, Spain appeared to have little leverage over Buenos Aires - any action to be taken will be determined at a cabinet meeting on Friday - and Argentina has proven impervious to such pressure in the past.

Repsol (REP.MC) said YPF (YPFD.BA) was worth $18 billion as a whole and it would be seeking compensation on that basis, but the Spanish oil major's shares fell by 7.5 percent in Madrid on Tuesday. The company said it could raise money in the bond market and sell some assets to help its cash flow.

Repsol described Argentina's move as "clearly unlawful and seriously discriminatory" and said it would take legal action.

"This battle is not over," Repsol Chairman Antonio Brufau said. "The expropriation is nothing more than a way of covering over the social and economic crisis facing Argentina right now."

But Fernandez dismissed the risk of reprisals. "This president isn't going to respond to any threats ... because I represent the Argentine people. I'm the head of state, not a thug," she said.

European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso said he expected Argentina to uphold international agreements on business protection with Spain. "I am seriously disappointed about yesterday's announcement," he said in Brussels.

But action against Argentina appeared limited in scope. The EU Trade Commissioner would write to Argentina's trade minister to "reiterate our serious concerns" while an EU-Argentine meeting this week would be postponed......"(Continues)
The Spanish have already had a high level meeting to decide what to do in response. They've issued the following press bulletin;

Spanish Foreign Ministry said:

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