Summing Up Your Marriage in One Sentence

Went out drinking with some friends, and spouses/family comes up in the conversation. Mentioned my ex-wife does a bang-up job on my tax returns now, and my Swedish bud who's known me for near 25 years says, "You got totally FCUKED for 5 years, and all you got out of it was an accountant!" Frankly, it sounds like something I should put on a T-shirt. Anyone else think of a good one-liner to summarize the gaping maw of despair that was their relationship?


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'Feed the cats' maybe as I haven't managed to get rid of her yet.

or 'I only shagged her cos she was a schooly' (16 years old) :)


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It was in a church.

Not sure I'm fully grasping the point of this thread.
The best thing that ever happened to me.
Marriage is like a car, always requires a service and forever leaving you skint.


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To sum up first marriage, would you like to see the scars? Psychobitch!
She's irrational and frequently pissed, but was emotionally crushed by her ex so at least she's easy to manipulate.

I reckon I've got about the best one could realistically hope for, to be honest.
If its got an engine or tits, you got trouble.
She's young, she's dumb, she's pumped full of my cum.
Yep. One sentence.
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