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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Kolya, May 30, 2005.

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  1. And being too poor to go out on the p1ss, and too miserable to have any friends :cry: :wink: I was thinking of spending July and August getting into shape.

    The problem is, however, that I haven't a clue what I'm doing when it comes to exercise, and I know I'll only go and muck it up, or set myself on doing something that has no real benefit at all (like doing weight-loss-based activities when I'm a nine-stone beanpole :lol: ) so I thought "Aha, call upon the expertise of ARRSE".

    So what I wanted to know was this: Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions as to what I could be doing? Any basic plans I could look at and think whether they'd be good? Any and all help would be much appreciated (as long as they're cheap :lol: )
  2. Depends on what kind of shape you are in now

    how about for startes

    Monday - run / walk 2 miles at the kind of pace you can still talk to your mate at
    Tuesday - 20 pressups 20 ab crunches and as many chin ups as you can bear
    Wednesday - run / walk 2 miles again
    Thursday - day off
    Friday - press ups sit ups chin ups
    Saturday - Run 3 miles continuous - dont be sick

    Pretty lazy workout really but okay for a beginner or couch potatoe

    Look up stretching on google or the runnersworld website
  3. Cheers for that - I walk quite a lot as it is, yet running does me in fairly quickly :oops: so I'm not really sure what that indicates...
  4. Monday- Walk/Jog- 20 Min
    Tuesday- Swim/Circuits class 30 Min
    Wednesday- Walk/Jog - 20 Min
    Thursday- Swim/Circuits class 30 min
    Friday- Cycle 30 Min
    Saturday- Rest/Easy Swim
    Sunday-30 Min Run

    * If you thinks its to difficult then decrease the times of the sessions. spend 20 mins each night doing upperbody exercises( Crunches, situps, pressups etc.)

    Some motivational tips that i find useful:

    If your finding it hard on the walks/ jogs, Carry a small radio or MP3 player with you. Really helps you keep going when your knackerd. Best with upbeat music to keep you going.

    General Motivation

    Probably the most hardest part of a run, is actually getting out the front door to do it I can tell you, the more you run and the more often you run the easier it becomes. I love running. Cross Country has been my life, but I can tell you if I get injured for a long period of time its often hard to regain the same motivation I used to have untill after a week or so training.


    Try and produce a shedule of your program i.e copy one of the above plans or whichever plan you want to do into your wordprocessor and print it out and stick it up in your room etc. Then once you complete the exercise scrible it out, you get the idea. Ive found that having a plan is so much easier to stick to rather than having a plan made up in your head.


    I live in Wales so ive got loads of green hills and natural landscape and plenty of sheep to keep me company when im on my runs. Some people wont have this cause they live in towns etc. So try running through parks or place where really hot chicks hang out and run around there.Perhaps try running the same route backwards. It will seem a completly different route.


    Try finding a partner in your area or try joining a running club, they have all levels of classes. You could also look at joining a circuits class in your local leisure centre.
  5. At first I thought you meant run backwards as a way of impressing the hot chicks :lol:

    All we've got locally is a field, formerly an aerodrome. Deserted most days, and without any proper paths, but I reckon if the grass has been cut then it's do-able as a running venue.

    Is there anything you'd recommend that I could replace swimming with? As I.. um... can't :oops:
  6. Cycling?
  8. Heres my training routine , Bare in mind i am 33years old , but i have to keep fit due to the job and we cannot let the young lads beat me .
    Day 1) 40min run ( slow for 25 mins / 15 mins best effort )
    Day2) 60min run (steady 10 min mile pace )
    Day3) 40min run(slow/fast/slow/fast10 mins each)
    Day4) 11/2 -2 hr run (slow steady pace about 13-14 miles )
    Day 5) complete day off, eat whatever you want , drink beer .
    Back to day 1 . On all my training days i do light wieghts at home and 200 sit ups . I always train with my mp3, i watch what i eat , but i do have 2-3 treats a week . Plus a bottle of red wine most nights in front of the tv . It works for me , i am on leave so no doubt when i get back to work this will change some what . And i am a prop forward at rugby so i will be back on the Heavy wieghts as soon as the season starts .