Summering in Syria?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Draft Dodger, Feb 7, 2012.

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  1. Does anyone think there's any sort of realistic chance that we would get involved militarily here?

    In the past I've dismissed the idea but as the rhetoric increases and the leaders of the UK and France (who is going into an election) are still basking in the success of the Libya operation it doesnt seem like the remote possibility it once was. I cant see us going in with ground troops but bunging them weapons and bombing the crap out of Damascus isnt hard to imagine.
  2. Perhaps if you're in the crabs. there is no chance our ground forces are going to be deployed anywhere for the next couple of years, not in any significant numbers anyway. There is a bigger chance of going to Somalia to be honest.
  3. I too can see the possibility of the latter scenario. Damascus would be a FIBUA nightmare, especially the Old Town.
  4. same as Libya, there's no chance that we'd send in troops but i seems to me that we're going through exactly the same motions that we did with Libya. i can see why the russians and the chinese vetoed it as they know the next step would be military action/civilian protection which would effectively become a mission for regime change.

    with their conections to iran i could see why it might seem like a good idea but personally i still dont think we should be picking sides in a civil war and if we're going to drastically reduce our defence capabilities we should stop picking fights with every other country in the middle east.
  5. With the exception of our politicians wanting to big themselves up, what valid reason do we have to get involved in Syria's civil war? If they want to kill each other, let them crack on. It's no loss to us.

    And if we're arming the rebels, I hope we get paid up front and in cash.
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  6. David, I reckon, will want a war cause Tony was allowed one.

    New medal anyone?
  7. The greedy bugger's already had Libya! Anyway, I'm sure he can somehow manage to drag the UK into Operation: The Rapture when Iran vs the Great Satan and the Red Sea Pedestrians kicks off...
  8. he's already had Libya and him Tony and Gordon all got to share Afghanistan, although he gets to win it.
  9. Not Syria but Somalia or West Africa possibly,,,but that's in the future....
  10. Absolutely. Why should we care if the Syrian army decide to indiscriminately shell built-up areas? All those non-combatants being maimed and killed aren't our concern.
  11. no one gives a shit about Somalia; its not new anymore, its too difficult to tell the badies and goodes apart and there's much better footage coming out of Syria.
  12. Trying not to be overly cynical, but oil and/or mineral rights seem to play a major role in decision making more than humanitarian reasons. Somalia could be next with uranium, iron ore, copper and bauxite reserves. There are also potential oil and gas reserves as well.
  13. Agree on the possibilities of the crabs & the andrew doing their thing as per Libya again.

    Something to consider is the longer term foreign policy gains. Helping the Libyans has apparently helped our standing in the area, giving the Syrians a lift may be something the mandarins of whitehall see as a good thing for the future, making up for Blairs following of GWB all over the globe back in the noughties. Just a thought.
  14. Not sure what I missed, but when did we have troops in Lybia? Apart from a few "advisors".
  15. This could indeed be a PR coup. Having the Arab League on our side may go some way to making people forget the Iraq invasion.