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Right, i am at university and have just commisiond into my local OTC (glasgow). i am looking to transfer over to one of my local TA infantry units within the next week or 2 to hopefully take up a Pl Cmdrs position and then go on to do PCBC in the near future. The big question i have though is, is it possible to do an operational tour including preop training during a summer off from uni without missing any uni?
Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated. (im aware i will have to wait til the summer after next for this.)
Congratulations on the commission, Mr N??? !!!

normal tours are 6months, with pre-deployment trg, and post tour leave, that becomes 11months.

So, if you fancy a year off uni then a tour is possible, but probably not in the summer off. You might be able to do an attachment to a reg unit over the summer, but then the unit may not have the budget to pay you!!!
No. An operational tour alone is 6 months long.
Bare in mind that a tour is 6 months but the actual mobilisation is much longer. Its unlikely that your date requirements would mesh with the Army's tour dates.

But hey, you never know until you actually ask your unit.
Depends on timings for Mob course at chilwell then theres the Optag, 6 months in theatre plus a months post tour leave.

It depends how long you get off for summer but its very unlikely that dates would match your time off and even if it did im fairly sure you still wouldnt have enough time.

You would have to look into it more in terms of dates and timings. Different units do it differently in terms of pre op training and other bits.

I do know though that if you put your name forward for a tour, and accepted, you then become called up and would have to let you go and try to do their best to help you when you returned.
Thats if youre willing to sacrifice some uni time for a tour.

Theres so many factors and dates to take into account its hard to get a definitive answer but i would guess no.

I'll stand by to be corrected if wrong
If you are in full time education, then you cannot be mobilised. Wait till you have finished your degree.

STILTS said:
If you are in full time education, then you cannot be mobilised. Wait till you have finished your degree.

Cant be called up, but can volunteer i'm sure. I volunteered for bosnia whilst i was at uni, and was mobilised
To give you an example, I mobilised for a three month tour. The actual time I was away from work i.e mobilisation, OPTAG, tour, demob and leave was almost bang on 6 months.

I graduated from uni, got another trade course done and mobilised early in the following year.

I assume that if you've just commissioned you're in the second/third year of university, so don't bother trying to fit a tour in, you can't be mobilised until you've done a year's service first and they don't really want sproggy Subbies (I know I'm one!) from what I hear. Much better off getting to know your soldiers, going on a few courses and generally getting stuck in. If your Regiment is anything like mine you'll get spammed for everything going! There are many posters who know a good deal more than me on this subject, but I hope it's of some help from someone relatively recently commissioned!
Cheers for the feedback lads although its not looking too hopefull at the moment is it. it was just that i heard that 4 para had lads out doing 3 month tours and there was a lad on my TACC that had done a tour out in afghan with 4 para but i never got round to asking him if he had taken a year out or not. As it stands i have at least another 2 years of uni to go at least and would like to do an infantry tour before i go regular as i hope to join the engineers (24 comando all goin well but thats a long way off at the mo.)
There is the possibility of doing 3 month Watchkeeper tours in various FOBs, but everyone I know who has done it has been mucked around reference dates, as they are, understandably, keen to get regular troops out. The adivce given to me has been that you ought to enjoy uni and do the Pl/Tp job while pissing around (at uni!)as much as physically possible..this I hope to achieve and I think you ought to as well!

Incidentally, the old OC of Dettingen Coy was a pretty strong supporter of the "go away and enjoy uni" attitude, so worth taking note!
I'd also second theprior's comment on the fact you're better to get some experience and time served before you opt for tour. I would guess your unit would be reluctant to send you straight out with not a huge ammount of experience as a troopy.
Not that im doubting your experience, but it happened with me, i volunteered for an afghan tour along with a couple more experienced mates and i was advised not to bother as i wasnt long out of basic and to get some time served before going out there

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