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Summer Toughguy competition - 31 July 05

Another excellent day wading through mud & water of dubious provenance followed by the dodgiest assualt course in history. Congrats to all who took part though.

Also noticeable for an awesome Walt spot! Who was the chap in C95 trousers, green t-shirt, RM beret (sans badge), stripped down webbing (with BFO knife on belt) and Royal Irish style knobbly stick? Need less to say he wasn't running but appeared to be some sort of marshal - unfortunately I failed to get a picture or ascertain what he thought he looked like.....
That was quick off the mark! Were you a team or indiviadual? I think it is an excellent event and thoroughly enjoyed it (overall). Exeter there as a team and all seemed to have has a good time. Have only done the winter one once and will be returning Jan 06. Rumour has it that the Basic Wing (first year) will have it as a weekend to weed out the less committed! May leave a rather small (although very keen) company! Hope you enjoyed it as well. I must say I thought before it was a long run followed by a short assault course. The reality was the other way around.
That was my 6th (3 of each) so pretty much know what to expect - I was part of a team although ran with my brother. We followed two girls from EUOTC round for part of the way (one of them had "toughguys eat me" on her shirt)- my excuse is that I started 20 mins late and never managed to get through the crowds!

Great fun as always - see you there in Jan ....

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