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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Cockers, Feb 6, 2013.

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  1. Hi there,

    Going to be using the summer to train i started last week.
    I'm looking at applying to join the royal logistic corps as a logistical air dispactcher.
    I recieved requirements and times for the fitness test and now looking into the phase one training and I knew there would be alot of phys involved..

    Basically I'm looking for some help getting fit, I'm already well on my way to dropping 2 stone(knocked back from raf last year as bmi was over) So given my self the summer to lose weight and get fit.

    I don't have a proper 1.5mile time yet as I am just focusing on running 1.5mile with no stops.
    I know I'm unfit and after reading posts from some trolls on here I don't need anyone to point it out!

    I know i need to run and run lots, I need to work on pressups and sit ups I'm pitifull at all of these to be honest..

    So I am starting from scratch and thats why I've came here hoping it to be a fountain of knowledge to help me!

    So basically I need some advice on running both distance and speed (looked at fartleck training to help also) and exercises for press ups and sit ups!

  2. Use the stickies and the search
  3. You need to train your brain. It's not how far or fast you can go, it's how far or fast you can make yourself go.
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  4. I think Ive started getting my head in the right sort of place I've always a little determination from playing rugby I used to be alot fitter but took time out stupidly, But after being advised to withdraw my application to the forces once I'm more determined to get in this time when it comes to applying! thanks for the tip
  5. PS "alot" isn't a real word.
  6. A lot of blokes were fat and useless before joining.

    The ones who succeed are the doers. They get out and do something - hill walking, running, cycling, whatever.

    The thinkers write out complex training plans, post in forums, and ultimately jack it in.

    Stop being a thinker; get your trainers on and become a doer!

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  7. Thanks for the tip DeltaDog, I need to stop using night time doing stuff like this but never mind.

    LegallyBald, thank you ever so much for that lovelly..
  8. Congratulations. You've learned something simple as **** and are using it to make a keen young lad feel stupid.

    Get a grip you captious ****.

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  9. I had to look up "captious".
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