summer school for hoodies?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by bigbird67, Sep 21, 2011.

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  1. What planet is this man living on? £50 million to run summer schools for delinquent children?

    Half of them probably don't turn up for ordinary everyday school, so on what planet are they going to turn up for EXTRA school when everyone else is on holiday?

    They'd be better off ploughing the cash into 'residential schools for disruptive pupils'....previously known, I believe, as borstal!

    Nick Clegg's response to riots: £50m summer schools for disadvantaged children | Mail Online
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  2. Fully agree. The only ones likely to make use of the summer schools are the ones who are never in trouble anyway. And how are they going to get teachers to cut short their 6 week summer hols to teach the kids?
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  3. Would it not be a better idea to spend £50 Million treating the students who are well behaved! At least that way the scrotes might learn to behave and attend skewel!
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  4. My thoughts exactly. There is currently no reward for working hard as we are given daily examples of how sponging indiviuals manage to support ever growing families from the welfare state!
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  5. I wonder what the view is like from nick and miriams ivory tower?
  6. it wouldnt cost 50 mill to open a bunch of new improved dirty bar covered shitholes with wooden planks for beds (borstal was such a nice place)

    at the local high school they have been running very sucessfully for the last year a scheam where the pupils earn points towards end of term treats like a trip to the bowling ally or cinema.

    the scroats generally end up getting their parents in trouble because the school has a "positive attitude towards this", involving the council truancy and care organisations as well as an overwillingness ot contact the plod over everything (cant accuse them of being biased on that one)

    the main problem is that for the last 15+ years the idiots in the penal reform quango's have all been bleedin heart liberals hell bent on increasing hte cost of keeping anyone locked up in 5* conditions with personal laptops, on demand tv ensuit pad's wiht windows n plush carpets.

    if we were to undo all of there unproductive medling and make priosns a place to fear, get rid of the special pandering ot the disruptives and change youth hotels back into the grimey grey shithole borstals they used ot be we would do far more to make people think twice about doing somethign to get sent there.
  7. My mum has just retired after 35 years as a teacher and has seen the epic fall from grace of the english education system. Her last class of 8-10 year olds had one that was still in nappies. WTF!!!!! Whenever it was raised to the parents that it was their responsibility to toilet train their own children it was met with denial and claims of they were not teachers therefor you should do it!!!

    Parents who asspire to do nothing with their lives are a large chunk of the problem. What example does it it set that kids can watch their parent/s sit at home watching tv all day and do **** all but still get paid by the state! Where is ambition being fostered? Except ambition to be on Jeremy Kyle and benefits so that they never have to work a day in their lives! There are too few people out there that wan't to excel and do something about their lives!
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  8. Spent the day with a group of 11-12 year olds who displayed an anomaly of problems that would make a psycologist weep! The bets are on that the parent(s) of these kids have even more diverse psychological problems than their offspring...

    Separating the kids who have disadvantaged backgrounds/learning difficulties from the efficient learners and targetting them with intensive teaching in a summer school would work if the co-operation of parent(s) is secured. The benefit of re-establishing a sense of purpose and ambition in kids who presently experience a sense of alienation and rejection is a positive move.

    ~tongue in cheek~
    Although Nick Clegg did miss out the most important aspect...the parent(s) of said kids would benefit from attending aswell.
  9. its all rather pointles when you consider that the kids arnt taught how to read, write, spell, punctuate, do maths or we ll anything that you might expect.

    in fact as a teacher i know said, we just dont do things like that anymore, its far more important that children are able to learn easy than learn right, like several of hte maths and science facts i was brought up to know nad understand like current flows from negative to positive through a circuit, they no longer teach that untill colledge level, because the concept is to dificult for pupils.

    so theres not really any point for extra tuition for anything, if all there being taught is politicaly correct liberal falshoods, and at the same time being taught it is there fundamental right to be told everything they do is good, detered from competition in any form and
    given treats regardless
  10. It's not much better here. People finishing high school (year12) and still having the spelling ability of a ten year old.
  11. I agree with the sentiment. Maybe it'll do some good. It's a better idea than LET'S MAKE THE SENTENCES SCARIER.
  12. they changed our education system to stop people leavin school wiht a reading age below age 7, but it seems like all thats happend after almost 20 years of labour rule is we now have school leavers that have systematicly been given a reduced education, so much so that a school leaver today who attains an Agrade would when i left school have been lucky to get a Dgrade, its funny how every year the exam board were complaining that the average person was thicker than the year before and the questions on the exam papers were according to a spokseman for edexcel around the level you would expect an 11+ to have been tested at, all this has made our society poorer never mind the fact that the entire education system to age 16 is designed ot make a person think its bad to say no,having impetus or drive to suceed at something (other than exam results) its drummed out of them from age 4 (reception year) where there taught to share and play and theres no such thing as loosers (the were all winners bollocks).

    if they fixed the education system extra teaching might work but they cant fix the sentaces untill they get rid off all the soft (inthe head) touch judges, giving people that incite to violence a "stern talking to" will of had the combined effect of sweet **** all, maybe if nothing had happend and theygot lifted that might of worked but then they look around and see thease were the ******* who along with a few hundred of there digital mates caused a riot and looted shops.

    both of those areas need fixing in order to fix society.

    and they need fixing now, children should have a sence of worth based in achievment not some false everyones a winner belief devauling the entire idea
  13. But it isn't. For some reason, we have this strange way of thinking about things, where we try every solution under the sun before grudgingly arriving at the common sense solution.

    Common sense says hammer them when they step out of line, and they'll stop doing it.
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  14. Sort out the term system (it is bonk and mainly based on when we needed the kids to harvest the corn) and then rearrange the school system slightyl

    Kid doesn't turn up for school without a valid reason (ie doctors note, advanced booking) detention, letter sent to parents (with return slip). on the third time child benefits stopped for a month/fined 1 dys wages/oncome.

    If they act like arrseholes or make a habit of it, off to 'borstal' they go for the remainder of term/year.

    If they are real arrseholes they go for the rest of their school life. Whist the kids are at borstal child benefits (and any others) is diverted from the famly to the school. In event of richer parents they are 'fined' for the priveledge of sending their kids to 'residential school'.


    Use money saved to sort out schools and make them nice, possibley with the aid of the kids (painting and gardening) and of course a few treats for the good kids.
  15. Maybe if the "summer camps" were run by the catholic church...