Summer Mountain Proficiency (SMP)


I am considering the above course for 2007/2008, work permitting!
Has anyone out there recently attended this course?
And could they give me a few details on what to expect and general comments on the course, any comments accepted.
yep, i done the course 8 years ago, it is just to see you know how to use a map n compass and that ya can walk safely in the hills, they also go into the weather a wee bit, it will help ya on your MLT, when ya go.
hope this helps


Make sure you can use a map and compass as they are very keen that you can get people safely down from the hills when the crappy weather sets in.
Having an altimeter watch also helps but your not allowed a GPS.
The rest of the course is,nt to bad except for the weather lectures and tying knots when doing rope safety but the joining instructions give you a list of books to read before arriving which help.
Having an altimeter watch also helps but your not allowed a GPS.


Forgive my Air Cadet background - but I've not come across this kind of course before. It looks like a refresher course from the ML Training. Is it simply a course to check proficiency before taking the cadets into the hills??
SMP is an in-house course that can be run by your friendly neighbourhood JSMEL(S). If he/she writes to JSMTC Indefatigible asking for dispensation to run the course, JSMTC Trg Offr will send out a package with all the trg objectives and appropriate information.

You can probably get it all done in a single week full-time, starting with some low-intensity walking in foothills and navigation revision, introduction to micro-nav and estimating time/distance. Then work on environmental lessons, introduction to weather prediction, mountain first aid and so on. By the end of the week, get a couple of overnight camping trips in and put it all into practice.

SMP gives you no qualification, by the way. It allows you to go walking with 2 or 4 other folk who also have SMP. Ideally you need to get on MLT as soon as you can and you can start doing activities under your own steam.

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