Summer leave in Bladford?????

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by BRADUK, Jun 30, 2008.

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  1. Im passing out on friday the 4th from basic wooooooo, and im goin bladford on the 14th. was jst wondering when summer leave starts at bladford and how long do u get off, because a few of my mates in the reme av got three weeks off for summer leave! If you could give me any info id be gratfull

    Thanks alot

  2. Leave? Get a mag on and stag on.
  3. wot? that dunt answer mi question does it
  4. Say again.... in English.
  5. Actually, you'll find it does...
  6. Well, first of all let me be the first to welcome a soldier of chinese descent to the Royal Signals.
    Your career may not be getting off to the best of starts if you go to BLADFORD. Is that in Yorkshire or Dorset?
    Try these, it may help a little. BLADFORD MAPS
    Good ruck on your future caleer.

  7. To answer your question you don't get block leave at blandford apart from christmas and easter. You get leave that is programed into your course. So it all depends when your actual trade course starts. If your in a trade like tech sup spec which is a short course you may not have any leave programed in. You may be able to take some before you are posted to your new unit.
  8. dazerc,

    What ever made you think that Jacques' trade might be Tech Sup Spec? Surely must be going Comm Sys Engr with spelling and grammar like that :D
  9. I thought he was going EW, then transferring to Linguist.

    You have to be to read that :wink:
  10. Just an example of a trade with a short course.
  11. You saying they are all vertically challenged :? :?

  12. Bradford - should be a few pubs there