summer leave - 216.

abit of a bone question i know, and i could wait untill i get down there in a couple of weeks to find out but does anyone here know when it starts and finishes?

only asking as i have a mate on his r n r from aug 23rd and was wondering if its around this time.

thanks in advance.
216 are on Herrick mate. I have 2 of them based with me as my signallers if you want to PM me i will see if i can get you any info.
Hi mate thanks buddy. not too sure how to send PMs on here but if you could send one to me with the dates id be gratefull. if not il ring colley guardroom. theres no major rush!

i know there on herrick, a couple of my old school mates are at 216. im hoping to pass p coy before there back - no being called a harry :lol:

Apparently there is no block leave this year
Hitman602 said:
Are you serious pal?

I'm at 216 and we are on Herrick 8! What bleedin squadrons do you know who go on ops and have summer leave over the same period!

Careful for them talons popping through the front of your Meindls mate :lol:
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