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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by msr, May 20, 2009.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    Am I being dim or is this simply not being publicised any more?

  2. I have heard that London District RTC is running one in August
  3. I'm booked on the 51 bde one. However, I have heard nothing back from them, have Googled it and searched Armynet but nothing is publiscised.

    No JIs even yet or kit list.

  4. The LDRTC Summer Leader was publicised by sending details and a booking form to every unit in 4 Div/LONDIST and to every OTC and RTC in the UK. This is a tried and tested method to ensure that very few potential candidates know about it.

    The course runs from 8-30 August. It covers Modules 2 and 3. There is no Module 1 package. Applications are only accepted for trained soldiers. Any TAPO who wants to attend should apply through their chain of command to LDRTC. Only bids through the proper Chain of Command will be accepted, which means Adjutant level, not directly via a 2Lt troop commander. :roll:

    You might also PM me so we know to expect the booking. The course is nearly fully loaded and we really want to get TA Group A OCdts onto the September course.

    The JI will be out shortly. I saw a final draft yesterday.
  5. I suggest you ring the RTC and ask. Last I heard they were holding a selection board early next month as there are more applicants than places.
  6. ref kit list, literally bring every bit of green kit you have, i did summer leader last year, but that was a 4 week course, and we used so much green kit.
  7. Any extra bits of kit, that were allowed, that you brought, for example:

    Extra greens, recommended stationery, cleaning materials....

    (Who did you do it with, 15 bde?)