Summer Leader 2012

Discussion in 'OTC' started by Smifffy, Feb 2, 2012.

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  1. Hi,

    I have a couple of questions about the Summer Leader course. If anyone has answers they'd be much appreciated.
    • Where/when is the course being run this year?
    • How long is it for/what is involved?
    • What are the prerequisites to attend?
    Currently I have passed AOSB but not MDLP 1 (had to miss the parade due to exams).

    Like I said, any info would be helpful.
  2. Summer leader is a concentrated MLDP2 MOD3 course, designed to get you to sandhurst on the September TACC intake. The course itself is around 3 weeks.

    Don't worry about the MLDP1, your OTC should be able to get you though that before the course starts. The course does go over alot of MLDP1 so everyone is on the same page. mldp1 and AOSB are the course requirements.

    Really though you should be asking your OTC these questions, not randomers on an internet site.
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  3. It's pretty much the whole of July this year, 4 weeks long, I'll see you there.
  4. Does this course only allow "one" to leader in the summer??
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  5. It'll be all of July pretty much. Will be ran in Sennelager, Germany, with NUOTC being the OTC running it like last year.

    You do MOD 2 and MOD 3 while there, if you pass it and you have a AOSB Briefing and Main Board pass, you'll be able to do TACC and commission in the TA if you pass that.

    Think all that is correct anyway. Not sure if you need your briefing/main board to actually do Summer Leader as I know people who have done it without having done either, all it meant is that they couldn't do TACC after, think as people had dropped out there were spaces to be filled.
  6. We were told in our briefing you can't do MOD 3 without AOSB briefing pass, and apparently they prefer you to have a Main Board booked before TACC as MOD3 pass only lasts 6 months.
  7. I know of a young lady that did it last year and described it as easier than her MLDP1. Someone needs to pick up their standards i suspect. Don't worry yourself over the course.

    Personally i believe this fast track route de-values the TA commission. Its stupid that that one can go through mldp1 + 2 months and pop out with a commission. One strength the TA have over the regular commissioning process is that they often spend time in command of troops in their units before they graduate, and this course completely bypasses it.

    And of those on the course how many stay in the TA, verus those who just do it for a student pay rise?. of the five or so i know who has passed not one is a long term TA officer.

    Rant over, enjoy your payrise.
  8. The people I know who did Summer Leader describe a fairly low pass rate, only about 50% of the group last year. I'm planning on going TA for at least the rest of my time at University and hopefully get on a tour if I'm offered one. The problem with the TA commission is that there are nowhere near enough Subalterns in any of the units around me, and they're pretty desperate to get anyone they can for their own training purposes.
  9. Cheers for the responses guys. Very helpful. I'll certainly go looking for a place now. No one has done the course from my contingent so it's good to get a few questions answered before going to the PSI.
  10. Why?

    I mean you can join a TA unit and end up having to juggle studies with TA commitments that are not necessarily in sync with one another, and potentially screw up the difference between a 2:1 and a desmond (which will matter more on the job market than being in the TA, believe me), and do you not think that you are going to live long enough to try and get a tour in after you've graduated? Why not just join the regs if you are that keen?
  11. Depends on your division. NUOTC are lead again for 2 Div

    This is correct in theory; spaces are of course limited so they don't want some chimp rocking up who is looking for a way to spend his summer, thus taking up a space for someone that can actually go to TACC. But as someone said earlier; it's not impossible to get on without the pre-reqs
  12. I believe current plans are to run 2 SUMMER ELADER Courses this year, July run by Northumberland UOTC in Sennelager and LDRTC will run one at Grantham over August. Your unit should have details of both courses, otherwise get in touch with Sandhurst for dates/contact details.