Summer Leader 2009......

A mate of mine is currently on Summer leader at Grantham, have a guess how many TA soldiers are on this flagship course??


The rest are all OTC students, 70% of whom already have the OTC equivilent of the Mod 2 and 3 qualification. They are using the course as

A. Practice prior to going to Sandhurst, and
B. 3 weeks pay.

What are we doing running courses like this only to turn TA soldiers away who have not completed ASOB when the OTC sends poeple on it who have not completed AOSB????

What an absofekinlute waste of time and more importantly in these peny pinching times, a waste of money!
Not if it generates Offrs for the TA it isn't.

Agreed if it did. The purpose of the course for the following is questionable.

1. Anyone who has not passed AOSB. They will not get to AOSB now before TACC Sep 09, and therefore will have to wait another year before taking up a commission (earliest TACC Jul 10 by which time this course is time expired).
2. Anyone who has passed MOD 3 already. This is just expensive re-iteration.
3. Anyone joining the regular army, for obvious reasons.

Anyone who has passed AOSB and is going in Sep and needs MOD 3 and is not going regular, it may be worth it. How many is this?

In any event there is an orderly prcedure whereby third year students can do MOD 2 and 3 without needing a three week cram.
My local OTC does not run a Mod 3 and depends on Summer Leader to get TACC Candidates the qual. Its ideal for OTC candidates as they have the time over the summer - a good refresher and the qual just before the Sept TACC.

As posted above, there is FA point in going, other than for the experience, if you have not got AOSB completed and a plan for TACC this Sept - The next TACC is not until Jul 10.

We are so short of young officers across the board that it would be worth running the course even if there was only one bloke on it. Do a quick check of your Officers Mess. How many members under 30 ? How many ex Sgts Mess and north of 40? Not knocking LE Officers but the balance is way out of kilter in most units, its not healthy.
My brother is on said summer leader, he's OTC and has passed AOSB but hasn't done MOD 2 or 3, he intends to transfer out of the OTC after Sandhurst to a TA unit. Just proves that the system can work in the TA's favour and they're not all students on the scrounge for extra cash.
Do we know how this all ended up? Did many get through?

What happened to Midland Soldier? anyone know?
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