Summer Leader 2009

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by istagon, May 8, 2009.

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  1. Does anyone know if anyone is running a Summer Leader Course this year?
  2. London District RTC are running one in August.

    08-30 August at Grantham.

    It is a combined Mod 2 & Mod 3.

    Speak to your Adjutant.
  3. 51 Brigade are also doing one 11 July to 15 Aug, although word is it may be booked up already.
  4. PM sent!
  5. Cheers lads.

    Lets see if I can blag my way there.
  6. I did the course last year bloody good fun!
  7. I'm booked on it this year. Any hints and tips about it?

    What exactly do we get to do?

  8. last year there was alot of classroom based activities and 2 small field exercises for practical use of learned tactics.PRACTAC went following the usual format. mod 3 had a 5 day battle camp at longmoor witch finished with a formal/informal curry night.
  9. Check PM's.
  10. Not quite correct, there are 30 places priority to those with a Main Board pass. Selection board sits on 6th Jun, so any jock candidates better be sharpish in getting names forward.
  11. And the second PRACTAC after Longmoor ex...