Summer Challenges

I'm extremely interested in the possibility of doing one of these, as I'm going to University in Cornwall and hope to join 6 Rifles there. But if I could have joined and finished basic training by the time I got there I'd be pretty chuffed. I live in West Yorkshire at the moment.

However, the only ones that I know of are the large one in Scotland run by 51 Bde, and one in the West Midlands. Are these strictly for people joining Scottish and W.M Territorials? Are there more that I'm not aware of? I'd appreciate any information, to avoid making a fool out of myself (off the internet at least).
Its planned to run Saxon Challenge in the South during July primarily for the 4 Infantry Battalions in 4 Div/LDist including 6 Rifles - why not give them a ring
Theres a Summer Challenge running at Catterick from 24 July which is a lot closer if you are in West Yorkshire at the minute. Ask your PSI to contact ITC Catterick or HQ RG course Loading (9 4344 8102)

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