Summer Challenge

As to starting rumours, you wouldn't catch me doing that!
Scots, doing owt this w/e? I've yet another of those walkie things due to an unheard of occurence of the instructors changing w/es! ME IN THE FIELD, ON A SATURDAY NIGHT!, whers'e me cravat!
Bridge Troll closed WD just for it to move to the Snickers as an annexe, the cheese still remains innocent , whilst the Port claims it was framed, stores has withdrawn all the shovels, however we're still issued with ETHs!!

You may be away, no, you've always been away, but you're not out, bit like the mafia, only in DPM. remember the tennet by which we live our lives. Deny everything, admit nothing & if cornered, smile!!

In the finest traditions of RTW- Get it up Yis!


You're more than welcome to join the WD again. We just need an alternate location!!!!!!!!!

FFBox, Just found a DPM cravat for you. Will look excellent at the weekend!!!!!
Good drills, how long d'you think it'll last this time? until the OC sees it!
Hope it's IRR. :? :D
Just heard that G4 are appearing at Inverness. To get tickets, contact 2ic PH1 TW at Edinburgh and ask for 'G4' Info. :?

G1,2&3, have called off.

Mind and pack a Tinfoil Hat. :wink:
Are you Corps or Inf.?
Capt_SlackBladder said:
What stage of training will we be at on completion of Summer Challenge? How many more weekends will be required in order for us to become fully trained soldiers?
All depends on how you define "fully trained"

Will you be at "Trained Soldier" standard - i.e can do most basic military tasks under supervision without injuring yourself or others - yes.

Will you be class three in your trade and therefore employable in your chosen unit - possibly, but most likely not, but you will be well on the way and regardless of how whether you do summer challenge or standard recruit course you will be ready to return to your unit and begin training in your trade specialisation.

How many more weekends will it take? how longs a piece of string! - if you are a sapper, combat engineer trade and complete Basic Field Engineering modules on SC then you will require to do another 2 subjects - 4 weekends to become a class 3 cbt engr. However it isn't quite that simple as there are only usually a couple of modules run a year and all the other weekends are taken up with MATTs, exercises, admin weekends, DIVSAAM, Rememberance, adv trg...... the list goes on. So it could feasibly take you a year to get to class 3, another 2 years to get class 2, and a further 4-5 years to get class 1, all assuming you attend every modular trg weekend running and everytime is a module you have not completed.

Worry about getting through the summer first and then see what comes along.
im looking forward to meeting everyone up there. ive got the same phase 5 times! (im not even sure which one...passage of information is poor!). if nothing else, it will be an interesting summer.

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