Summer Challenge

Have just heard from a fairly reliable source that there's no driving phase any more, too expensive.

How many folk are gonna turn up now?
Now there's a suprise. They'll still turn up. The question is will we retain them. Aahh the old 7 P's. Someone needs their arrse kicked.
It will be a good introduction:

Join the TA:

The adverts are glossy, but the training is crap...
Where we never quite deliver what we promise
Consistently under-delivering and failing to meet your expectations

I could go on.

Is it? As of yesterday it was still happening... What's your source on the info?

I'm not disputing what you're saying but this is the first i've heard of it.
driving phase: Damn I wish I could get onto that! but again I'm too late and have missed out!

I did however think that Army would have taught me to drive, I don't mean for road use but to drive Army stuff, Land Rovers, Honda bikes and what not..
I'm considering using my "not sure if this is true" but the bonus you get for each year! anyway I was going to spend my bonus on the driving lessions thing :)

*I have/am such a headache!
If the driving phase is going to be binned then what are they going to do for 2 weeks out of the 7? :?: :twisted: :!:
The driving phase was only for a week, unless it was part of the Special To Arm Trg.
Only people who were supposed to be getting two weeks driving were OAAS. just spoke to a reliable source who informs me it is still due to go ahead, although they are strugling for instructors. May be reduced to those who need to have licence as part of class 3 training.
That makes sense, I was told due to lack of funds, there's no civvie instructors.

BTW what has TASIT got to do with it? their remit is information to the decision makers in civvie street? town councils, chambers of commerce etc.
Dodgy-Engr said:
If the driving phase is going to be binned then what are they going to do for 2 weeks out of the 7? :?: :twisted: :!:
well regardless of whether it is one week or two, if it has ineed been cancelled there are plenty of other things that can be done, those from your cap badge could use the time getting useful combat engineer modules in the bag which is more likely to increase there employability in the unit than a driving licence I would imagine.

Would also leave the aquisition of licence as an incentive to stay in until next summer and a useful filter to mag to grid those who have thought of this scheme as a chance to get some pay and a driving licence and then eff off laughing all the way to freshers fair with 150 brown beer tokens in the back pocket!

great scheme for those who are genuinely interested in the TA and still worth carying the spongers if there are any.
It would be interesting to know the numbers who stayed in from the various Highland initatives over the years & compare to the as yet unkown numbers for SC.
Last year my unit had 8 pax on the 51 Highland, summer initiative. Out of the 8, 2 were already participating in recruit trg, both since left. 3 sacked it. 3 passed. Out of the passes, 1 went regular and there are 2 still in unit.

There is always a high proportion on wastage on these events. The nature of the advertising, means that you cannot hold normal selection weekends. It is advertised as more of a Summer of Fun and excitment. :roll: .
FFBox said:
Have just heard from a fairly reliable source that there's no driving phase any more, too expensive.

How many folk are gonna turn up now?
FFBox, I can assure you this is absolute nonsense. Your fairly reliable source is absolutely unreliable!!!

If anyone has any questions regarding anything to do with any form of training i would suggest that they go to the people who run it rather than 'Jimmy in the pub'!!!!

If anyone has any questions regarding Summer Challenge, i suggest that they contact 51 Bde RTC or their Unit CoC for the genuine info.
many thanks for your enlightening and somewhat polite response atilla.

Could you please clarify where your source is i.e. are you part of the co-ord board for the summer challenge or part of RTC?
What's the title of this site? have heard & passed it on, Atilla if you know otherwise let all know. BTW it wasn't just any old bod, but a fairly informed individual.
FFBox, Yes it is a rumour site, but your 'rumour' was one that you could easily have verified prior to publication. In this case it could only be yes or no is it happening or is it not.

Sadsacks, you are welcome to PM me for info.
I think that i can definently tell you all that you have been misinformed. Driver Training is very much going to happen. The original problem was finding a contractor that was prepared to conduct 5 weeks training in Scotland, i beleive that this has now been sorted. Unless you are better informed then me, which i doubt, can you please pass the word around that Driver Training will be delivered. :D
At last, that's cleared up, I didn't manage to ask anyone in the chain for SC at the w/e, there is a briefing this Sat I belive which would have cleared the thing up no doubt.

I'll get me coat
Just to go off thread here but can anyone give me an idea of the sorts of numbers that have applied for this Summer challenge?

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