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Summer Challenge

Any chance of getting on this years? I'm at the very start of applying, and I don't know if there's time to get in before the deadline (for Scotland) on Friday. Hopefully joining D Coy, 7 SCOTS.
I spoke too a bloke at NRC two days ago regarding an unconnected matter but related to my process taking a while and he eluded that those on SC 2014 where being looked after where possible. Suggest you ring them direct and get a definitive answer. Also I dont know why but upper age limit is 43 but you can join some units older as am I hopefully. Any info on thats appreciated.

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Can only speak from personal experience as someone being down for SC end June - end July; so far not even booked on a confirmed date for ADSC as Capita still haven't completed PSC's (started last Sept; overall process somewhere round 17/18 months by now). Bottom line - might be SC 2015!

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