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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Tungsten_tipped, Apr 19, 2010.

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  1. Rather interested in doing the 7 week challenge, problem being i'm not 17 by the time the challenge starts, start date being 19th of june and my brithday is not untill july the 6th, what do you fella's think my chances of being accepted are?
  2. Go to your nearest TA unit and find out is all you can do really. Good Luck
  3. Where in Scotland do you live and what Arm of the service in the TA do you want to join?
  4. Perth Scotland, i'm interested in the Infantry side of the TA based at the Queens Barracks in Perth, I was really interested in joining as a regular but my folks want to keep me innocent till i'm at least 18. I went into the recruiting office and told them about wanting to the the Summer Challenge and they said they would pass my details on, about a week and a half later, still no response from the TA chappies.
  5. That's why I said go to the TA unit itself and not the recruiting office,that way the unit get your details direct from you.
  6. Wildo, thanks mate.
  7. You heard anything yet? I applied over the phone on 20th April then didn't hear anything. About 10 days later I sent them an e-mail to then my local unit sent me a letter dated last wednesday telling me to call. Called them on friday and I'm off to see them tomorrow!

    Really it should be done a lot more efficiently. The guys who answer the phone and take all your details seem to be a 3rd party, not Army.

    Anyway tomorrow I'm going to see 125 Rations in King's Park, Glasgow. Wish me luck.
  8. Things are going to be cut fine by your potential unit since SC 10 starts next month, I hope all goes well.
  9. I have not heard anything off the TA unit yet, but i'm kinda glad i spoke to a physio regarding my elbow injury and he told me i would pass the medical on the health side but i want to make my chances much greater so gonna do the challenge next year and bulk up my arms between now and then and get my fitness top notch. Doubt they would really take me if i was younger anyway. good luck jabo, hope all goes well.
  10. im supposed to be on SC,but its pointless really since im into weekend 3 now,so ill have to give my unit the good news tommorow night when i go for drill that i wont be attending SC..oh well
  11. TT just do the normal w/e training once your of the correct age...old enough sounds bad,if you can, why wait if your physio has cleared you to train.

    Chris, like I said before surely you'll be able to to to TSC(Inf) & your CIC via SC? its worth asking.
  12. yeah m8 ill say to them tomorrow,i know a few guys in my unit are doing the last 2 weeks of SC to do CIC...but i will find out tomorrow if i could do TSC{inf} and CIC at SC instead of starting from the beginning again {sigh}
    all will be revealed tomorrow when i go.
  13. Hey thanks for the good luck wishes earlier guys. I'm too late for Summer Challenge so am going to Midlands Challenge instead. It's 4 weeks down south then trade training later. Can't wait :D
  14. or if 4 weeks off causes a hassle, do the 9 weekends every second weekend starting either 21st May or 1st July.