Summer Challenge

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by bench33, Mar 15, 2010.

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  1. Are there any 'summer challenge' style shortened courses running this year ?
  2. yes! dates and length would depend on your RTC.
  3. cheers for that. I'll get talking to the RRT then
  4. sapperboy

    sapperboy Swinger SME

    Your unit should also be able to get dates for all consolidated courses not just ones in your Bde AO. Also 5 Trg Regt at Grantham run a variety of consolidated TSC(A) courses, so if your Bde Ex does not fall at the right time for you, it is worth looking around.
  5. Anyone know the midlands challenge dates this year at all? :)
  6. 24th July for Catterick...
  7. What about London area? Where can I find info on that?
  8. Malta Barracks, or ask your training team.

    I'm sure some of the Good People based at RTC SE will be along soon to answer...
  9. Yes there is one for Infantry split between the 4 Inf Bn's in the South - 4 weeks long - 2 weeks at MB on TSC(A) & (INF) and then a jolly coach trip to Catterrick for 2 weeks CIC all starting Friday 9th July
  10. As if by magic...
  11. you saying TO is a,or THE, shopkeeper?
  12. Given his position I'll call him whatever he tells me to.
  13. BB take a positive stroke!