Summer Challenge - Website - finally found!

Does anyone know if the Summer Challenge is applicable for those wishing to join 4 PARA? How does it work with P-Company if it is? I am intending to put my name down for the next Parachute Regiment recruit cadre anyway, but thought I'd see if the Challenge might be an available option/route too.
All in all it looks a pretty good course I have just a couple of questions.

The website mentions Ruperts, Fig. 11's and Loggies; is it possible to train as a Combat Medical Assistant on this course?

My local unit is 254 (General Support) Medical Regiment (Volunteers), am I better to contact them direct or fill in the on-line Apply Now form?


Yes, I completed SC last year and went on to my CMT course a day later. You must complete SC first then a further 2 weeks on your trade course (well 2 wks for medics, trades vary).

Contact your unit direct, they'll keep you right with the course you need.
Cheers Tigerbaby, I'll give them a bell later.


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