Summer Challenge Wales.

Hi Guys.
I want to know if anyone has any information on a summer challenge type scheme in Wales, that is if one even exists.
Also if one doesn't would I be able to do shamrock challenge to join a Welsh unit?
The same applys for selection. Would I be able to do it all at Palace?
I am Northern Irish and on a gap year before heading to Wales for uni. I know this seems unessecerialy complicated but I am completely free during August and just want to utilise my time as effectively as I can so when I get to uni I can hit the ground running regarding trade training.
Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.
I did Summer Challenge Wales last year, and they said they would be doing it again this year. Your best bet would be to phone up someone within 3 Royal Welsh, and ask them. I haven't seen it advertised yet, but I don't think it was until later on in the year, last year.
Phone 02920 220 251 I think thats the right number

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