Summer Challenge - Is it worth it?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Greenbadger, Jul 29, 2008.

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  1. Out of idle curiosity what are:

    1) The numbers attending the various Summer Challenges versus the planned loading?

    2) Is all this additional effort really generating incremental Territorial recruits that wouldn't have joined the TA if it hadn't had been for Summer Challenge?

    3) Comments from Instructors and survivors

    To start the ball rolling - the Southern one being held at Malta Barracks, 88 turned up out of a maximum of 90. Based on initial feedback none of them only joined because of SC, rather they just see it as a quick way of doing it whilst earning some £'s
  2. Complete waste of time money and effort! IMOHO of course......

    look at the little darlings from units that go on SC then try and find them again a year later.....

    because everything is rushed they get no time to assimilate the information taught, its not always taught by the correctly qualified instructors, ie those wit the depth of knowledge, most of the instructors are used to dealin with trained soldiers not recruits, whole different ball game, you dont teach or test recruits MATTs.

    The little darlings get away with blue murder and therefore end up unprepared for what military service is really like.

    and breath.
  3. We have roughly 30 from my unit attending the 38 Bde version, while it looks good on paper how many will still be around for camp this year remains to be seen.
  4. I hope some calls were made for reserves to fill the 2 spare places, we had 8 to go and only got 3 places!
  5. The 2 missing failed to show on the day and by then it was far too late to call for additional people

    Aswell as venting spleens (and I agree with some of the sentiments) does anybody have actual numbers who turned up on the day rather than individual unit returns?
  6. PS Even though I'm against SC because of the shear effort, complexity & cost of doing it with all the extra bits (ie 1C, CIC,AT, Driver Training) for no additional SuTs into the TA, I actually think a 10day/15day Camp to do 1A&B is far better than the weekend route - its certainly a lot lot more difficult for the SuT to pass (well it is at Malta Barracks) and I think that the product is better trained - far more of a miltary chip in the brain
  7. msr

    msr LE

  8. what we used to do was the same thing all the now 1a &b over two weeks in summer, or a two week CMS(R) for the recruits who were ready to go on theirs
  9. MSR The official rationale for SC is to recruit SuTs into the TA who without SC would not have joined ie that they are an incremental surge to the TA's numbers - basically the "challenge" is what appealed to them
    In my experience they would have all joined anyway and would have been able to be trained within the existing weekend training courses/scheduled 2 week camps
    ie a lot of additional effort & dosh for no real gain
  10. msr

    msr LE

    Anything which gets a large number of people into the TA in short order gets my vote.

  11. msr

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  12. I have always applauded the effort behind SC and think it is great that we put so much thought into getting recruits in the TA. I think that initiatives such is this are necessary if the TA is to survive.
    However, I have always thought that the idea is somewhat flawed in that the only people who can do all of the training are students and the unemployed. I stand by to be corrected on this.
    Without being disrespectful to both these groups, in my experience the unemployed are exactly that for a reason, and the majority of students (not all) leave the TA as soon as uni is finished.
    I also agree with FFBox that the 'trained soldiers' that have arrived back at unit all seem to have been on a jamboree and have problems fitting into the disciplined side of life.
  13. I suspect that they would have been RTU'd which is the standard policy for non booked SuTs at Malta barracks, which so I'm told has been repeatedly proved to be the only way of controlling certain units who seem totally incapble of administring their SuTs properly and think that actually doing some work is for the birds!
    I think it would be a bit harsh for a unit to ask a SuT to take 7 weeks off work on what is frankly a complete pot luck gamble that they would actually get onto the EX?
  14. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    I hate to ask this, whats a SuT?? Soldier under Training?
  15. msr

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    Can't we call them recruits?