Summer challenge 2012

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by postie-rlc, Apr 13, 2012.

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  1. Right summer challenge this year is being run by the rlc at Grantham and starts on 9th july and finishes aug 1st so but places filling up fast apparently
  2. Pi55 ups in the Ropsley Fox?
  3. Yep most likely should be fun and games
  4. Thanks for updating mate! Looking forward to it!
  5. What reg u going 4
  6. 225 Medical Regiment :)
  7. Have u done your selection yet
  8. Nah, just got my medical forms back so as soon as I hand them in I'll be on the next one :) What about you?
  9. Yeah I did mine before they changed all the rsw and made it easier to pass did mine Grantham have fun at challenge prob see u there
  10. Ahh nice one mate! Yeah, will probably see you there! How many weekends do you have to do before being allowed to go to Summer Challenge?
  11. U can go straight from selection of national but if regional have to ask
  12. Ah right, cheers man.
  13. It's also being run by ATU(Sc) in Edinburgh....go figure, just as 51(Sc) Bde have run one every year since 2006 when we ran the first one.

    Summer Challenge is the generic exercise name given to it most ATUs will run at least one a year so it's not just being run at Grantham by the RLC as your post implies.
  14. Oh sorry boxy didn't realise just did mine as people kept saying that wouldn't be one at Grantham this year so set record straight
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  15. Just going through the signing up process, collecting my forms Tuesday night for my GP to sign ( new medical procedure ?) then all being well I'll go on selection.

    But was wondering if I get a opportunity to go on the summer challenge, once it's done (if i complete it that is) what happens after that training wise??

    Do I still do the TA weekend training schedule ?

    Any guidance very much appreciated

    Cheers Dazzla