Summer challenge 2011

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by dean1, Nov 4, 2010.

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  1. alright people does anyone have any idea if there is going to be a summer challenge 2011??

    if so is anyone here got anything to do with it because i'm looking to go up and lend a hand to the SUT's.

    any help will be great.
  2. At the moment we're(51(Sc)Bde) are s'posed to be running one with the RTC(S)taking the lead as 6 Scots are 'otherwise occupied' as to dates yet, it's anyones guess.
  3. 6 SCOTS have been given heads up to do Summer Challenge. Location and dates yet to be confirmed and duration now only 5 weeks.
  4. alright a thought 6 scots would be doin it again.

    if its only going on for 5 weeks then that must mean the sut's will not be able to
    get there trade camp done.
  5. Or they will bin the AT package (2 weeks) in favour of a 2 day one or none at all- which is what they do on Shamrock Challenge.

  6. As I said, 6 Scots are s'posed to be the lead but they are also going to be very busy with their build up training pre deployment and may not be able to run it, therefore RTC(S) could be tasked to run with which could be fun as RTC(S) doesn't really have the infrastructure to run SC11.
  7. I will just need to wait and see what happends. I just hope that if it is (RTC) that does it they do as good a job as 6 scots but dout it..
  8. The last one 6Scots ran didn't exactly go smoothly.......This year's run by 7 Scots was the best run one that I've been on. I hope 6 Scots manage to run it as well.
  9. 6 Scots aren't providing bodies for the next two HERRICKS and have been told that their main focus will be Summer Challenge. As for doing a good job running it.....
  10. The Challenge next summer could be finding a TA unit that still exists!
  11. SORRY GUY'S a got mixed up with who ran this years sc this years 1 was brull. I was at this years summer challenge by 7 scots there good guy's i enjoyed it alot they did a gd job.

    boxy what did u do at SC10 ???
  12. Taught nearly every platoon at one time or another, in all the subjects, the only thing I didn't do this time around was go on the range team.

    I will agree with you 7 Scots did a very good job there were one or two hiccups, but there always is.
  13. what rank are you and what did you teach are you infantry ?? a will know who you are. a was in somme platoon with [MOD edit: no names please]
  14. It depended on what subject was short of instructors and where the TWWO sent me.

    Although I don't hide who I am and what I do overly well I still believe in a modicum of Persec.

    SC11 is only going to be the usual 5 weeks (the STA doesn't count as SC) and is still going to have the weeks AT.
  15. Boxy, is RTC(Sc) running Summer Leader 11 as well?