Summer Challenge 09- a waiting game ?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Rhuaridh, Mar 6, 2009.

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  1. I rang the good folks at the summer challenge gave them my details and the like and was told I would be contacted within 10 days ish.
    That was 7 weeks ago and despite phoning a further 3 times I still havent heard from anyone except from an exciteable welsh fellow who Im pretty sure phoned me by accident.
    Do I wait it out further and stop pestering the people working the phone at the summer challenge place or do I just go down to my local recruitment office and see what the score is ? Im mad keen to get on as its something ive been meaning to do for a while now.

  2. go to your local unit / unit you wish to join?

    Unfortunately this centralised outsourced bureaucracy for all the platitudes of ‘harmonisation’ and ‘economies of scale’ often does not form the most proactive nor efficient method of processing potential Territorial recruits, and is more or less a postcode lottery, if they even condescend to get back to you that is! Indeed I wonder how many other people in a similar scenario but with less tenacity than you have been failed by this system, and in turn how much potential manpower we have squandered in the process.

    In reality the most efficient way to get onto Ex Summer Challenge 2009 or indeed join the TA is to outflank these ineffectual intermediaries and simply turn up at your local TA Centre on a drill night (Tuesdays, 1930-2130 in the case of 6 SCOTS) and express an interest in taking part to the recruiting NCO on duty and they will take it from there.

    Incidentally I participated in Ex Summer Challenge in 2006 and would highly recommend such a course to any recruit able to spare the time to complete it, as it is, for all its flaws, the most efficient and progressive way of completing all of one’s basic training in a single component, thus subsequently enabling you to fully participate in your unit’s training after only seven weeks, rather than the usual six months or so of purgatory involved in the conventional system.

    If you are at University, you also have the option, upon completion of your basic training, of undertaking a TA Sponsored Officer placement with a UOTC that provides an excellent conduit through which to complete the various modules of the Territorial Army Commissioning Course, either via the UOTC’s own curriculum or on Ex Summer Leader, an intensive consolidated course, similar to Summer Challenge, which takes Officer Cadets through Modules 2 and 3 of the TACC and on to Module 4 at Sandhurst, which I took part in last summer as a TASO.

    Anyway if you have any specific questions regarding Ex Summer Challenge, joining 6 SCOTS, or any future interest in going down the TASO route to RMAS then feel free to PM me :D .
  4. Could you give me anymore information you have about Summer Leader, I'm booked on it this year and just want some/any information, tips etc...


  5. I am also going on this, it is Module 2 of the TACC, basically instead of doing the 11 weekends , it has been reduced down to a two week course instead.
  6. If it's like last year's one, which I was on, it's Mods 2&3 over a 4-week course.

  7. this years as far as am led to believe is 2 weeks, i sometimes work through at the RTC so have the infor on it
  8. So is it modules 1 & 2 for potential officers then? Was told it was phase 1 CMSR training and that was it! It's from June 19th to Aug 8th tho in scotland tho so there has to be something else.
  9. Exercise Summer Challenge and Exercise Summer Leader are two completely separate entities.

    Ex Summer Challenge is a seven week residential recruit training course. In Scotland it is run by 51st (Scottish) Brigade at Cameron Barracks in Inverness and is designed to deliver the entire Common Military Syllabus (Recruit) (CMS(R)) which comprises All Arms Phase 1 Training. It will also deliver Phase 2 training which is cap badge specific. The 32 Signals Regiment and 2 Signals Squadron recruits will do their Class 3 Radio Operators Course, 105 Regiment, Royal Artillery recruits will do their Guns/CP course and 6 and 7 SCOTS recruits will do their Combat Infantryman’s Course et al. There is also a week of Adventure Training at Rothiemurchus in the Cairngorm National Park.

    The entire Exercise Summer Challenge course will run from Fri 19 June (next weekend) until Sat 8 August 2009 with the main unit providing staff and G4 support being from 71 Engineer Regiment I believe.

    Ex Summer Leader is a five week residential course for Officer Cadets from TA units and UOTCs designed to deliver Modules Two and Three of the Territorial Army Commissioning Course in one consolidated block, prior to attending Module Four of the TACC at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. This year in Scotland and the North of England (2 Div AOR) it is being run by the Officer Training Wing of 51st (Scottish) Brigade at Garelochhead Training Camp. It will run from Saturday the 11th of July till Saturday the 15th of August 2009, with the Mod 3 component running for the last 10 days or so of the course. You will already have to have passed at least Phase 1 Recruit Training or Module 1 of the TACC and your AOSB Briefing to be eligible to take part on this course.

    I hope this clears up any ambiguity.
  10. I'm doing Midland Challenge from 12 July to 15 August and have passed AOSB Briefing; I'm going to Main Board in September. Is it possible to get booked onto a Summer Leader Course now, to commence after I finish Midland Challenge?
    Not sure if this is possible or not. I'm willing to travel to other RTC locations if needs be. All thoughts welcome.
  11. Thats what I did when I first joined the TA. I spent about 4-5 months waiting for recruiting to pull their fingers out, so I just walked along to my local unit, and was at my CMSR in 3 months :)