Summer Challenge 08

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Boxy, Jul 14, 2008.

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  1. Where to start? actually for self preservation I best not.

    ranges seem to be going well

    ITG visiting

    Attached personal on most of the Regimental Duties!

    Serious lack of Instructors in all disciplines, except maybe PT, there's always too many PTIs.
  2. Dear, oh dear!

    You must remember to play nice with all the other boys and girls. You will be fine strutting about with your folder and clipboard as 'canteen cowboy'. Look forward to the stories, pictures etc.

    All bodes well for Winter Challenge?
  3. And despite all this i`m looking forward to it =)
  4. WC 09, hmmmm heard stories about that...... Also heard that 71 RE are doing SC09! dunno the now if I'll be doing though, am sure said more or less the same last year!

    Tigz, I take it you're just up for the CIC phase then.......have fun!
  5. Just make sure no one fiddles with yer gas mask (sorry, breathing facilitator) and the attached can of beans (sorry, canister)..

    Yer a harder man than I am gunga din!!! It brings a tear to my eye just thinkn about it.. Outstanding Staff!!! :D

    Curently cycling around the UK on some time off..


    the chap wi the porn star tache!!!! :D

    Aye, the DS were aw JEALOUS!!!! And yeez know it!!! :clap:
  6. lol good on yers sparky

  7. So just once round my beautiful body so they can all feel loved