Summer Challenge 08 Scotland

Any members on here attending, as recruits or staff?

Edited for mong type
Staff! for my sins, only the two weeks though!
im not too sure if ill be staffing it yet,

my holidays are running low as it is is!

we have about 5 or 6 recruits for it so far :D
swampmonster said:
FFBox said:
Staff! for my sins, only the two weeks though!

What two?..was playing with the idea of coming up too :wink:
once I get a grip and look up the dates I'll confirm but we have an OLE about that time as well so will have to ask nicely
no as no employer would give that time off

if it a: on the go when i was a recruit and b: if i was a student id have done it

you dont have to do the whole thing, i think you can get away with just doing certain bits. might be wrong
In the Scottish version I'm almost positive your'e wrong, because if we get the little darlings and they say that they will be doing SC they get RTU'd, its one or the other RTC CMS(R) A & B the CIC/ATR or the SC funfest!

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