Summer Challenge 08 - London District

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by huddy, Apr 27, 2008.

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  1. Does anyone have dates for EX Summer Challenge this year run by London District at Malta Barracks?

    Can't see anything confirmed on their website and ARRSE tends to be more effective than a phone call to Lon Dist...

  2. Are you sure it's LONDIST and Malta Bks? Londist are usually Longmoor, Malta Bks is 4 Div RTC.
  3. I dont think there is a summer challenge at malta barracks

    london and SE RTC is malta barracks - but PWRR recruits who want to do summer challenge are being sent to wales.. presumably sennybridge?
  4. London RTC is quite definately NOT Malta Bks - that's 4 Div. London normally use Longmoor.
  5. then why have I just finished my basic, at malta barracks, with loads of recruits from london, and instructors from london?

    think you're wrong i'm afraid mate! longmoor is used by those at malta barracks for ranges and the RTF.
  6. No, that's because 4 Div RTC runs Phase 1 for both London and 4 Div. You obviously didn't read the signs on the gate.
  7. Yes there is a Summer Challenge being conducted at Malta Barracks this year. It is being run by 4 Div and I believe it runs from approx the middle of July for approx 6 weeks.

    Your best bet is to go through your Regimental Recruiting Team and bid for a place as soon as.
  8. Cheers for the replys.

    All those weeks at Malta...delighted!
  9. Just to clarify the situation - 4 Div RTC(SE) at Malta Barracks trains all recruits in 145 Bde, 2 Bde & London District. And yes there is a 7 week Exercise Summer Challenge being run at Malta Barracks Aldershot starting on 19th July. It is for 30 Infantry, 30 Non Infantry & 30 TAPO's and will include Phases 1A, 1B, 1C, CIC, plus Adventure Training and a Civilian Divers License package
    It is open to 145, 2 & 43 Brigades plus London District
    Details are in the 4 Div RTC(SE) 2008/9 Courses Handbook that your TAC has, plus an advertising campaign kicks off this week, provisional bookings can be made in the normal way
    Ftom somebody who really does know!