Summer Challange, Please help

I went down my local TA place to find out about joining and i was told about Summer Challenge, and this is what I'v been told so far.

150 places,
happens in June/July,
to come back mid april to hand in my application form.

But Summer Challenge has been on the news and in one of the papers recently and I remember hearing that they accept applications up until mid april.

So could anyone please tell me when do they start accepting applications, I don't want to hand my app in and be told that the 150 places are already taken.

Oh and will it be in the summer holidays as I am taking AS's at the end of this school year and I won't be able to do it if they overlap.
Hi, I haven't done Summer challenge myself, but I've worked on it and known others who have gone through it.

As far as I'm aware, it is usually about 7 weeks over July/August, so yes, basically over the summer holiday. I think exact dates depend on the location of where the Summer Challenge is being run (there are more than one each summer in the UK, depends on your location?).

As for taking applcations, I believe it depends on how your unit and regional training centre runs things. For example, the unit I am in likes to get recruits through basic training either by doing the usual 6 weekends followed by a 2 week camp, or getting it all done in the 7 week summer challenge.

Obviously the summer challenge route is quicker in providing the unit with a trained soldier, so usually my unit tends to put recruits on summer challenge when they turn up showing interest in joining from around April time onwards. Any other time of year that they initially turn up (i.e. August to march), they just use the 6 weekend/2 week camp process. If you get what I mean.

It could therefore be that the unit you have shown interest in prefers to get as many recruits as possible through summer challenge, and with it being quite "close" to April, they have advised you wait so you can get all the training done in one go (sometimes seen as very beneficial).

Hope that helps.
Thanks, thats cleared it up a bit :D


PM me if you have any probs or questions, esp if its the 51(Scottish) Summer Challenge you are planning on doing.

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