Summer Boredom

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by TartanPimpernel, Jun 23, 2007.

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  1. Being just a month into my summer holidays I've realised that working to clear my debt only to blow it again in an endless cycle of partying isn't the way forward although it has served me well for many a year.

    On average I get sixteen weeks off over the summer period so obviously I can't commit to a six month tour but are there any alternatives based over a shorter period?

  2. Summer Challenge?
  3. Cadet Camps. Piss easy money
  4. They are crying out for people to assist on Summer Challenge in a whole variety of different roles. Which unit are you with and what do you do?
  5. I'm with AUOTC at the moment and a general mong however in the new year I would be looking to transfer to a Gp A unit.

    Must admit I never thought about cadet camps or SC.
  6. Your unit will have been asked to fill several vacancies on cadet camps and Summer Challenge. I would mention it to the Adjt/TM.