Summer boots

I wore my magnums out last year and am interested in buying some boots just for summer wear.

I want a pair off lightweight breathable boots, wet proof not necessary. Also need to be durable enough for in camp wear and tabbing.

Are there anything better than magnums?
Anything in the world will be better than Magnums. Try jungle boots; I see a lot of people wearing them when it's warm. They aren't waterproof, but have drain vents to empty them out if they get waterlogged.
Issue desert boots, got a pair last year when we had decent summer and i was doing alot of camping did the job and was cheap.

Altberg sneaker boots are very comfy and let water p!ss in through the tongue where they economised by using some cheap nylon instead of leather. Yours for £125. :X
Desert boots are not really suitable for UK wear as they're bound to upset someone. However, the Boot - Hot Weather is perfectly adequate for your requirements. I've worn a pair for years.


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People tend to get sniffy if you're wearing junglies and you've not been there. Desert boots in the UK unless in your dessies is just plain stupid, and Magnums are the devils spawn.
Lowas are the way forward.
You're also not covered if you sprain / damage your ankle in non-issue boots.
(Technically you're not covered for any non-issue clothing. Be aware of this. If you get hurt on duty, make sure you get changed into issue kit before you seek help, they can discard your claim because of this.)

Also, even sandals would be durable enough for camp wear. :)
Shit yea barrack wear, i was thinking for general use like camping in the summer what a wnaker! Altberg sneakers then for sure wont get much better.
got issued some yank boots years ago, the ones with the non clogging up panama sole (apparently) anyway, they still going strong and you can get them re-soled when the time comes my mate had a commado style sole with vibram put on his


Man at Q&M's?
I have a hard enough time getting a roll of green sting and some mine tape out of the bloody QM. There is no chance of the grouchy bast*rd putting himself out just to get me some boots which I'm not entitled to be issued.

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