Summer boots?

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Thomasaurus, Mar 30, 2011.

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  1. Apologies if this has been covered, if so a link would be good cheers! Couldn't find anything with the search unfortunately.

    Anyway! Soon as it's mildly warm my feet feel like they are sat in ovens wearing goretex lowas :(

    What do you guys reckon are the best boots for uk use in the summer regarding ventilation and generally keeping cool?
    Issue boots are a no go for me, I get blisters driving in the *******!

    Cheers for any info anyway, getting tempted by altbergs at the mo.
  2. Hello mate

    I always flick to the American Altama Jungle boots when we flick to short sleeved order. Nice and light, feet dont sweat in them and they dry out quickly if they get wet.

  3. RVOps

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    Have you considered the Lowa Jungle Boot??
  4. I have never even seen those before. They look alright. Are they any good?
  5. I pinched some awesome swedish M90 tankies summer boots.

    Think jungle boots, but mega broad (I've got feet like a ******* megahobbit) with shit kicking steel toecaps and nicely light and ventilated

    will pop up a link....thats how dull it is at this location

    right at tthe bottom of this link

    Norweigan army sleeping bag
  6. Agree wholeheartedly, perfect for this climate. Also available in a good range of widths for we hugely-footed types. I suggest getting a couple of pairs of good shock absorbing insoles. I found the soles to have no padding at all; if you spend a lot of time walking/running on hard surfaces, especially with weight, you might have problems with tendonitis.

    PS; goretex lined boots are a PITA.
  7. Cheers for the link, I'll look when I get to a comp rather than my phone!

    I've been thinking some sort of jungle boot actually. I have gay wide feet and I've been thinking about the altberg sneeker/jungle/microlite.
    Anybody got any experience with these? For infantry use btw so they'll get a hammering.
  8. I use custom moulded insoles because of an old knee injury so these might be a little too hard possibly. Shall have to see if I can try them on anywhere though.
  9. Yeh agree totally, you really need a good set of soles in. I think it has a metal sole in?(could be wrong). I have never felt at ease running with weight on wearing junglies though. I went arse over tit on a babies head in Breacon. There was no support to the ankle at all. I use the boots for in camp and on exercise if i am on the waggons.

  10. I've read of blokes wearing them without socks to offset heat oedema, but I've never tried that (sounds a bit extreme) Re. trying them on, some companies will accept returns if you haven't worn them outside (presumably so they can re-sell them) so this might be an option. Might be a PITA, too.
  11. Off to do the last bit of my dits course this weekend in catterick so first I'll pop to Richmond and see what altberg have then take it from there. Itching to get some non goretex boots though. I don't remember them being this bad last summer but maybe a build up of dirt inside has stopped the goretex breathing. 2 years of sweat and grime has to have some sort of impact of it
  12. That'll be the problem; if you can't remove the GT lining to wash the crud out, then it can't breathe, so the you-beaut GT boots become more like wellies. At least the removable sock-type liners can be chucked in the wash, plus you can swap them between boots.
  13. Just recently done that, they only have a small selection in stock.The bloke who dealt with us, Nigel? was excellent, despite being fairly busy he took his time to make sure both of us had the correctly sized boot including trying various insoles, when he found out he didn't have the size of boot in stock he called ahead to John Bulls to confirm they did.

    can't fault the service.
  14. Does your SSM have nothing to say about the wearing of boots non-issued????

    I say this not as being awkward but I knew a guy that lost some toes in a work placed accident and he failed to get a payout due to the fact that he had his own boots on (lowa) and not issued boots.

    Now knowing that the old "no chitty, no pity" scenario is very much alive and kicking make sure that you have used the correct procedures for wearing alternative boots or it may become a real issue in the event of something happening.
  15. I call military myth!!