Summer Ball v Charity Donation

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by Vent_Tube_Tester, Jul 12, 2008.

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  1. The other day I along with many others where I am based , attended a Sgt’s Mess meeting and like the many I have attended over the past 20 years, listened to the same format that all Sgt’s messes have. Being summer time, a lot was given over to the forthcoming summer ball, programme for the evening, setting up, taking down and the costs. Again probably the same as every other mess has/is going through at the moment, unless they are on Ops.

    Later on that day as I was travelling home & listing to BFBS, a report came on a bout an officer in the RMP who has been paralysed on Ops, he had just gone back to his unit to attend a parade. He is at present trying to raise £1 million for ‘Help The Heroes’ by completing next years London Marathon. As that report finished my thoughts returned to that ‘Groundhog Day’ mess meeting, also voted across was the sum off a few hundred Euros to a chap who had done a leg of the Tour de France and also voted across was a few thousand euros to replace the garden furniture. To me personally that is in this day and age, getting our priorities and whatever moral standards we have completely wrong.

    So what I suggest now as only a suggestion is this, every Officers & Sgt’s mess donate the monies that are set aside for their summer balls in 2009 is donated to ’Help The Heroes’ or the ABF. Think about it, every year thousands upon thousands of pounds/euros is literary pissed up against a wall or flushed down a toilet. Every mess is quite happy to vote across money from the GPF to offset any costs for that function or to spend on mess improvements, but how much to we hand over in charitable donations? Don’t get me wrong there are many fundraising events taking place through out the military every day which raises a lot of money. But imagine how much could be donated in a single lump sum if every mess cancelled their summer ball for one year? Also included could be the Cpl’s mess & the profits from the JRC as well.

    So it is the moral dilemma, imagine you are the PMC of a mess & letter came across your desk suggesting this idea, what would be your answer? Would it be a yes or if it were a no then why, what reason would you give to the person making that request?

    Again this is just a suggestion to see if it feasible and to see if we can break from tradition for just one year, you never know it might catch on, large institutions that have summer balls/celebrations may do the same. It’s worth a go, is it not?
  2. I think you have to be very careful with this one. Something similar was proposed in a mess I was in (left 2 years ago) and the SPS Wallah discovered it was not permitted under QRs.

    Might be worth a check...
  3. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Not sure there is anything in QR's that says you must have a Summer Ball. :?
  4. Thanks for the '2 replies', just a bit stunned that there were no other comments made. One dear friend of mine did say that if I/ A N Other, would propose such a thing then "be prepared to be stoned to death". And you know what, it feels like that. Obviously it is more important to know who carries drill sticks & the correct way to wear the SAA badge.
  5. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator


    Obviously it is more important to know who carries drill sticks[/quote]

    People who do not have proper jobs :wink:

    A poser - the rest of us knew who we were. :evil:
  6. While I agree with your sentiments, you need to ask why people pay into the Mess at all?

    Charity is very much a personal thing and the amount and who you give it to is a very personal choice too.

    I pay into the Mess for 2 reasons
    a: I have to.
    b: I bloody enjoy it and don't mind paying for the privelage.

    I would be pi55ed off to the max if a proposal of this nature was passed against any members wishes. The entertainments fund is there for entertainment not charity and as it happens the charity fund is there for charity. If a Mess votes to transfer it's entertainment fund to charity then that is up to the mess and another story, but I can guarantee there would be more than the odd vote against. If you started asking people to give up events on the grounds that a charity needed the cash then there would be rumblings about why they should have to pay into the Mess when they get no return for it.

    I am all for H4H and the ABF and have donated more than the odd pound but this is not the way. Just an opinion ........flame away!
  7. Why not combine the 2??? I have already booked a table of 10 for a charity evening at Epsom race course. All moneys going to H4H.

    Details below:

    First Name: Helen
    Last Name: Foster
    Contact Number : 01372 844872
    E-mail Address:
    Planned Event: Charity Ball at Epson race course +dinner+disco +auction +celebrity guests .prelude to a survival week in jungles of BELIZE in Nov by 6 local women
    Number of People: 300
    Event Category: Social
    Event Date: October 11th
    Event Time: 7:30pm
    Fundraising Target: As much as possible
    Address of the event: Epsom Race Couse
    Additional Info: information and tickets for the ball please contact 07766 756873

    Any other ARRSErs going?
  8. What about that 'CHARITY' Fund that ticks over for long periods? I realise that a lot of Standing Minutes record where the priorities are when it comes time to distribute it, but if you've got the brass to put the proposition in the book, and the Charity is registered, go for it. Even within the Regt PRI that little fund with lots of money can be directed how you wish. Go for it, if it is an individual who you want to help (not a registered Charity), propose a lump from the GPF.... It all depends on how the presiding member plays it, he/she may have already put forward a tight budget forecast, but at the end of the day that money raised, should be spent, not to accumulate for 5 years and be blown by future Mess Members on new couches for the's yours, now.