Summer Ball Entertainments

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by two-four-albert, Apr 11, 2005.

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  1. Mess members....................................

    Does anyone have any good reccomendations for use on a summer ball that I have got to organise, it seems the agencys are a bit thin on the ground,

    cheers :D
  2. Depends really how much you have in the pot.

    The two main core entertainments are a good band and a good DJ.
    Any Summer Ball I have been to that is where the money is spent. Also a good comedian would be good, but he/she does have to be good.

    Little things like having a string quartet playing as the guests arrive, if you have a music school nearby, ask them, they would be happy to play for you. (in UK). Always look at local resources and see what you can get for free and cheap.

    Basically the little things are nice, when people walk in they want to feel special especially the women, give it 3 hrs when everyone is p1ssed, who really gives a dam.

    I am sure you will get lots of other suggestions, and good luck with the function :lol:
  3. Thanks 916, its a ball in Germany I'm doing so if anyone knows of agencys or even people to avoid!!
  4. RTFQ


    There's a really good live band in BFG called love custard. Let me know if you're interested and I may be able to put you in touch
  5. we had a bloke doing monologues of the stanley holloway variety the other night. he forgot the first one half way through and his act went down hill from there. He was even prompted by members of the audience. I refused to applaud when he had finished and was rewarded by an evil glare from the missus who later accused me of being impolite. FFS he was getting paid.
  6. Starfire entertainment did me proud for Christmas.

    Band called 'Focus' were good, 60's through to modern, everyone was happy.

    Your PEC or one in a nearby mess should have Starfire's details
  7. I'll second that. They are very good. They'll play just about anything and they get the night going as well.

    As for classical stuff try getting in contact with one of the BFG Schools Music Teachers. They'll either be part of a quartet or will point you in the direction of one. They'll be cheap as well, but you may have to lay on transport.

    You could try some of the Military bands for ideas?
  8. I thank you, and in fact starfire are doing me proud, all the lot in one package for a decent price!! :D
  9. Personally I have always found Britannia Entertainment to be a cut above the rest of the agencies with quality entertainment as competitve prices. They can do an all in package or whatever.
    Good stuff and I am sure they wont let u down
  10. Did you even read the date on that post you replied to.

    He is probably dead by now..
  11. Dont worry he still is alive and kicking but knowing him his liver wont be up to much now :twisted: Hope your still not organising it now mate, I know tiffies were slow but......... :wink:
  12. Starfire did me proud after the other one that's mentioned let me down
  13. Blimey look at the date on first post, the Ball will be long gone.

    B_T. :D
  14. Now mate,

    you need Grand Theft Audio

    these guys are awesome - 4 piece band (w/ fit, single chick :)

    they do the lot. DJ, hosting, band, games whatever you want. I saw them doing a biker festival and they blew the place to pieces. They do a load of songs you wouldn't think of, then rip em up and then make up whatever else.

    if you get hold of them say hi to Kat for me (mmmmmmmm) :wink:
  15. I used the below to organise a Ball type event after our freedom parade in May 07. Very good throughout, both the agency and the performers they sent along.