Summer Attachments

Is it the case with other UOTCs that people with absolutely no interest in continuing with the Army (Reg or TA) after Uni get attachments? Do you think this is a waste of time for the Reg unit accepting the 'attachee' and a waste of the UOTCs £s?

Answers on a postcard.
There are rules laid down such as a genuine interest etc etc for examples someone who gets a cat 4 at briefing and therefore cannot get a commission is barred from attatchments. If people are slipping thru the net that is not ideal (unless it is an ad hoc visit not a LAND official attatchment)
I knew capbadge's recruiting officers expected a Cat 1/2 at briefing i.e. genuine interest, before they will let anyone near their guys & girls.

Is there actually policy laid down for UOTC personnel i.e. MTQ 2 +, but then that doesn't really prove an interest to join the Army after uni does it. The UOTC attachment process doesn't seem to actually weed out potential time wasters, I say time wasters as I don't believe an attachment should be used to foster good feelings about the army; thats what the UOTC is for.
Totally agree if people go on an attachment without any intention (i.e. on return they do not go forward to RCB) they guity of deceit deceit and should be thrown out of the OTC and then sued for breach of contract. See if they have a good feeling about the OTC then. Too many scavenging cherry pickers in the forces.
mongoose9 said:
(i.e. on return they do not go forward to RCB)
I can't see this a being a definition for not showing genuine interest. Said person could go on attachment with massive interest then find that on attachment find that it not quite what they thought it was/ did not enjoy it. surly this situation is in a way god as it means that they won't waste armys time and money going to RMAS.

some one with out interest is a peson going along for a jolly with no intention of joining.
Going on my own knowledge I believe the Officer who nominates personnel for attachments has to be confident nominees have a real and genuine prospect of going on to do RCB.


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