Summary of Israeli Preparations For Conflict With Iran

From the Winnipeg Free Press.

1. Israel is acquiring two addition German Dolphin-class diesel/electric submarines with cruise missile tubes. The cruise missile is nuclear-capable. Israel already has three of these boats.

2. Israel recently had what was described as a successful test of its Arrow anti-ballistic missile. I have read elsewhere that this is an improved version of the Patriot surface-to-air missile which is supposed to demonstrate warhead kill performance superior to that of its predecessor. The presumed target would be the Iranian Shihab-3 intermediate range ballistic missile.

3. Israel is building a "new military and civilian airport" in "Kurdistan." This airport, the linked article asserts, could be used to launch strikes against Iran. The USA financed construction and furnished equipment. This airport was, until recently, a "secret."

"Israel sends powerful signals: Preparations made for possibility that Iran becomes N-power"

Tuesday, December 6th, 2005


Book Reviewer
Rule 1 of the nuclear business - do NOT believe ANYTHING that you read on this matter coming from Canada. If you want to know where they stand on the matter of nuclear weapons, just take the vowels away from their name....

Luckily, they have neighbours adn friends who will look out for them, and therefore have the luxury of being able to denigrate anyone with a nuclear capability - which they do, frequently, and with vigour.

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