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Sum1 Help me Plz

right people im 6ft 88kg i gota lose 4kg this is piss fo me as i gain n drop w8 v.quick

atm i run a mile in 8mins i nver done jogging b4 soo this is good fo me

i hve my second interview next week

i want to know how long after the second interview will i hav my fitness test?

n also

what is the scedula fo the dya of the fitness test
n what dose it invole

i hav herd that its 12 mins 14 mins to run 2.4Km is this tru plz sum1 help me
Don't be too harsh people. He (she?) asked for help, so here it is.

1. Fill a bucket with warm water - right to the top.
2. Put you head in the bucket and keep it there until everything becomes warm and dark.
We are grown-ups on here, and as such, text-speak is about as comprehensible as a Steven Hawking monologue delivered without the aid of his Dalek-like life support system.
sandmanfez wrote

I will use small words. This is not a joke, we really do not understand you.

If you cant communicate clearly, there is no place for you in the Army.
I think communicate, is too big a word for him/her :roll:

You are asking the site questions that should have been answered at your interview - are you pulling our pis.sers?

I thought the fitness test required 1.5 miles in about 10 mins, but I may be wrong.

Good job BARB tests are multiple choice - you'd have been farked if you had to actually write sumfink innit ;)

Please tell me you are trying to :

( a ) Get a bite
( b ) Having a laugh
( c ) Both a & b

If non of those apply then i think you are wasting your time joing the Army as i think we will be moving away from BATCO soon.

Please don't try to join the Engineers as refusal often offends "dunnit" you Chav B'stard.

Sparky :D
Listen all i wanan know is what i have to do on my fitness test when i have it

atm i can run 1mile in 8 mins

i Dont know the time i am working to for runing 2.4 km , is it 12 or 14mins ?
lOOK MATE LOADS OF PEOPLE HAVE TRIED TO GIVE YOU THE HINT . WE ARE THE BRITISH ARMY . ONE OF THE LAST BASTIONS OF GREAT BRITAIN THERE IS . SO IF YOU SPEAK LIKE A BURBERRY BASE BALL CAP WEARING , CORSA DRIVING , ''GANGSTA'' RAPPIN CHAV YOU WILL NOT GET A DECENT ANSWER . However if you tried the more subtle approach of asking in a manner that we all use in HM FORCES you will find the people who fequent ARRSE will bend over backwards to help you . We do not use text speak here nor do the entire armed forces , have another go . :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

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