Sum1 Help me Plz

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Ghost, Jun 15, 2005.

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  1. right people im 6ft 88kg i gota lose 4kg this is piss fo me as i gain n drop w8 v.quick

    atm i run a mile in 8mins i nver done jogging b4 soo this is good fo me

    i hve my second interview next week

    i want to know how long after the second interview will i hav my fitness test?

    n also

    what is the scedula fo the dya of the fitness test
    n what dose it invole

    i hav herd that its 12 mins 14 mins to run 2.4Km is this tru plz sum1 help me
  2. Say again all after 'right', over. 8O
  3. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Try english, you know? the language that you were taught in school? It just might get you a response that you can use.
  4. Don't be too harsh people. He (she?) asked for help, so here it is.

    1. Fill a bucket with warm water - right to the top.
    2. Put you head in the bucket and keep it there until everything becomes warm and dark.
  5. nly tssrs wrt lk tht. Cnt.

    PS - chop off head, unless height is a must.
  6. We are grown-ups on here, and as such, text-speak is about as comprehensible as a Steven Hawking monologue delivered without the aid of his Dalek-like life support system.
  7. tell u wa **** u lil tiny bitchs
  8. I think he/she thinks we are very small and live in his/her machine.
    How quaint. :roll:
  9. It's Okay I've caught you're Dummy
  10. I will use small words. This is not a joke, we really do not understand you.

    If you cant communicate clearly, there is no place for you in the Army.
  11. sandmanfez wrote

    I think communicate, is too big a word for him/her :roll:
  12. Ghost

    You are asking the site questions that should have been answered at your interview - are you pulling our pis.sers?

    I thought the fitness test required 1.5 miles in about 10 mins, but I may be wrong.

    Good job BARB tests are multiple choice - you'd have been farked if you had to actually write sumfink innit ;)
  13. Have you never met anyone in the Royal Signals? Oh, I see…
  14. Ghost,

    Please tell me you are trying to :

    ( a ) Get a bite
    ( b ) Having a laugh
    ( c ) Both a & b

    If non of those apply then i think you are wasting your time joing the Army as i think we will be moving away from BATCO soon.

    Please don't try to join the Engineers as refusal often offends "dunnit" you Chav B'stard.

    Sparky :D
  15. Listen all i wanan know is what i have to do on my fitness test when i have it

    atm i can run 1mile in 8 mins

    i Dont know the time i am working to for runing 2.4 km , is it 12 or 14mins ?