Sum up your day in a single picture fight

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by steven seagull, Jun 20, 2013.

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  1. By 'mates' you mean they've come in your mouth or formed an orderly queue at Chez Fatty?
  2. I said my mates not yours. Still too scared to come on a crawl are you?
  3. FFS! Theres two pigeons fighting for their lives on another thread! Ooooh Matron is having a crisis -
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  4. Scared of what? An overweight bullshitter allowing folk to fuck his wife and take illegal drugs on University property to make friends? Methinks not.

    I'll stick to socialising with my friends from the real world thanks.
  5. It was amazing, we're still picking nurses out of the shrubbery.

    You really should have been there, we needed a gimp.
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  6. Either English isn't your first language or you've drank so much your piss smells like Shane MacGowans mouth.
  7. And bulls cum out of your wifes hair.

    I'm more of a sadist than a masochist I'm afraid. I take it as you didn't have a gimp you were busy playing cuckold.
  8. Well you'll never know will you because you're just too scared to come out from behind your keyboard.

    Mind you I heard that one of the girls on that crawl was almost 5'4", you must have been petrified.
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  9. Yup, only the steely-eyed and physically fit attend those crawls because it's such a gathering of raw meat eating killers.

    Actually we both know its a mix of overweight medics, drug takers, pad brats and leathery grandmothers in shortskirts looking for cock.

    You're the pied-up piper of Fraggle Rock you blustering spastic.
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  10. Is it true that you ask people to bone your bird while you sit in the corner tucking into their leftover kebabs?
  11. Doesn't alter the fact you're too frightened to come and face all these terrible people.

    Scared to come on crawls so spend your time stalking. You truly are a giant amongst men aren't you?
  12. No mate, well the kebab part is true, you don't get fat by starving yourself after all.
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  13. Bluffing again? Show evidence that I've stalked anyone. Show this evidence of hacking you said you had. It didn't happen and you're just upset because I made fun of the fact you're a fat cuckold.

    Keep playing that pipe :pig:
  14. Yeah, you're right of course, you know everything, just a fat bluffer me. Not sure where I said anything about evidence of hacking but you tend to make things up to suit really don't you? Get all shouty and pouty when someone stands up to you.

    All that stalking but too scared to face all these people who you think are so beneath you.

    All mouth and wind you, aren't you?
  15. Get a room you fucking Jeremy Kyle rejects.
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