Sultan Qaboos Dies


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Then I’m sure those of us who served in Opp Storm would more than willingly take up arms and ambitions?
Perhaps he was one of the nine.
He's done everything else.
I enjoyed visiting Oman a few years back, although despite all the assertions of being very peaceful, the Police cars sitting around the back of various streets belied that with their "We could easy be an extra from Mad Max" look

Having had the pleasure of chatting with the Omani Army at check points as a guest, I found them professional and most welcoming.

But then, they live in a rough neighbourhood.

The same could be said of the Jordanian police - who equally have a rather rough beat.

Oman has lost a singularly talented ruler, and the UK a firm friend.

الله يرحمه ويسكنه فسيح جناته اللهم
After 3 years in Saudi, Oman was a breath of fresh air. He made massive improvements since his dad and locals would reply to 'How's it going?' with 'Good since the Sultan'. Farewell Super-Q. RIP.


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I was close.

Just me being a pedantic git. Interesting book if you can get hold of a copy, though.

E2A The book I was referring to is called Operation Storm (not Mirbat, in case I'm totally confusing people) but it seems the title has now been changed to:

SAS Secret War: Opertion Storm in the Middle East

Still the same book, but apparently if you put "SAS" in the title they sell better. Same as a spoon on E-Bay.
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