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Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by trelawney, Nov 28, 2008.

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    After the documentary on CH 4 about the Mirbat Gun, just wondered if there were any people around that have served on Loan Service or Secondment in Oman.

    I was there in Shaafa between 97-99.

  2. Nope but I did do Ex Saif Sareea (Swift Sword) in 86 if that helps!
  3. Funny you mention this, I am currently doing some background checks on an individual who claims to have served with the Sultan of Oman's Armed Forces in the early 70's and claims to have came from the Houshold Div

    Is there anyone here who was there at the time or any pointers how I might check out this item? Horseguards seem to be very unhelpful.

    I seriously think there is something fishy about him but want to double check his background first before making any decisions.
  4. John Arkass Wrote about SOAF in his book " The secret war" it gives enough info for you to out a walt
  5. I was there that is for sure!


  6. I was looking for something more offical if anyone has any suggestions
  7. Pinkies B Sqn mid 1980's at (IIRC) Thumrait.


    I travelled down to Mirbat to photograph the Fort......and took pic's of the wrong one.....
  8. Was in Salalah 67 not far from Mirbat.
    One of them times we were actually prepared for action, (chute up and even priming and loading with live ammo on the aircraft), about to jump because a particular RAF airfield / PX was being, or thought to have been over run by some 50 - 80 dizzies.

    But the jump at the last moment was cancelled, and we unpacked our containers got kitted up and landed instead.

    Fortunately the dizzies never made the attack.
    Makes one wonder hey?
  9. As did General Jeeapes (sp?) As I recall his title was 'How I won the war' the cheeky fecker. :D

    Was there periodically between '71 > May '75, various locations Tawi Atair, Jib Jad, White City, Ravens Roost, The Dianas and of course UAG.

  10. White City was the "Old Hands" name for Thumrait ?

    I was at Muscat, Nizwa, Iski, Thumrait, Salalah and went up to Shizr (sp?) the 110 Rover was being trialled then along with a very rudimentary satnav. At that time (Mid 80's) the sun compass by day & Thodelite or whatever it was called, at night was more accurate than the satnav.

    IIRC that over the distance of Thumrait to Shizr the satnav was about 5 miles out.
  11. Wouldn't it have been documented in his red book if it was 'loan service' rather than just out there on ex'?
  12. Its not really the thing that I can ask to see his red book.

    This guy is claiming it and I have to establish if his CV is the truth and have to try to do this in the background and be quiet about it

    No comments about asking on a thread here please! :)
  13. To add, his claims are rather lofty to say the least!

    Can RMAS confirm commissions if they received a request for confirmation? It may be that he was never a commissioned officer either.
  14. Its in mine!
  15. If this is in a CV surley he wont mind if you ask to see his vRed Book, as it is a very good referance and will only enhance his application