Suitcase of Cash Stolen From Robert Mugabe

I suppose its easier to steal a suitcase of $150,000 than a dozen wheelbarrow loads of the Zimbabwe currency equivalent
I got a load of Zim $20,000,000,000 notes from eBay and put them in Christmas cards to friends and family last Xmas to make them all billionaires.
It's the giving, not the receiving...
[QUOTE="Speedy, post: 9023748, member: 3018"
It's the giving, not the receiving...[/QUOTE]:oops:
On Arsse, that statement carries a risk!
I'm sure it was.But I don't understand it.Sorry.
Nada, Customs was tasked under Poca at borders, just as it was under DTa and Crijica., where it crosses our jurisdiction. Most countries now have a declaration system for money laundering, that is regularly ignored, because it’s inconvenient . The biggest Launderers are in fact Governments andBanks by virtue of their linkage. Mugabe’s 150k is pocket money in real terms and it’s where the cash has surfaced..

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