Suitcase of Cash Stolen From Robert Mugabe

I suppose its easier to steal a suitcase of $150,000 than a dozen wheelbarrow loads of the Zimbabwe currency equivalent
I got a load of Zim $20,000,000,000 notes from eBay and put them in Christmas cards to friends and family last Xmas to make them all billionaires.
It's the giving, not the receiving...
[QUOTE="Speedy, post: 9023748, member: 3018"
It's the giving, not the receiving...[/QUOTE]:oops:
On Arsse, that statement carries a risk!
What a p1sser......... !

He e- mailed me a few weeks ago, claiming he had 150k to launder through my bank.

There goes my Audi and month in Barbados.......


Careless to leave $150k lying around in a case. It's so easy to miss: in $100 bills only weighs aroung 1.5kg

And will need it to buy fuel: in another stunning economic triumph, Zimbabwe now has the most expensive on the planet


Bloomberg - Are you a robot?
I'm sure it was.But I don't understand it.Sorry.
Nada, Customs was tasked under Poca at borders, just as it was under DTa and Crijica., where it crosses our jurisdiction. Most countries now have a declaration system for money laundering, that is regularly ignored, because it’s inconvenient . The biggest Launderers are in fact Governments andBanks by virtue of their linkage. Mugabe’s 150k is pocket money in real terms and it’s where the cash has surfaced..
It now seems that the missing amount is actually just under $1million:
The court case is ongoing, but according to the timeline of events taken from court papers and published in the Herald, Mr Mugabe took the money to his rural home in Zvimba in a black briefcase while he was president in 2016.

Once there, he allegedly gave the suitcase to Constance Mugabe, a relative who also served as his housekeeper, for safekeeping.

The other suspects were employed as cleaners at the time of the theft, which allegedly happened some time between 1 December 2018 and early January 2019.

In March last year, four months after he had been forced out of office by the military, he reportedly asked for the briefcase, but Constance Mugabe is alleged to have said she did not know of its whereabouts.

Mr Mugabe is later alleged to have asked other staff to look for it - and this was when it was found, but with only $78,000 inside, the Herald reports.
Crooks stealing from crooks is amusing, even more so when they're related to each other. :mrgreen:
Awww, poor Bobbies retirement isn’t going that well it seems. A good chunk of his Ag equipment and other vehicles are going on the auction block tomorrow, not exactly old junk pulled from the hedge rows. Can’t find any pics, but this is the sale bill.
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Mrs Grace probably has a few $$ in her jewelry & cloths.

Oh and she look like she is on a high

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