Suitable small car for occasional off-road use

I want/need a car to get me into and out of town, with occasional use down farm tracks and across meadows. At the moment I've got a Vitara, which is a POS but keeps passing its MoT so I can't justify getting rid. However, judging by the dodgy noises it's putting out now, the moment may be at hand.

A 110 is too big, and I need 4 seats. Don't want to spend more than £5k.

Any suggestions?
Her indoors has a Grand Vitara (last shape, not the current one) and its annoyingly nimble off road)
If you like your Vitara you'll love a Grand Vitara.
I would take a look at a Shogun Pinin or swb Shogun.
A slightly newer Vitara?

The one you have seems to be doing ok


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Had a VW Tiguan as a hire car recently, not bad at all. Not sure what a second hand one goes for but it might be worth looking at for the future when they go down in value.


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Mr_Deputy said:
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Mr_Deputy said:
Looks like the old style Fiat 50 is looking favourite.
Do you mean Fiat 500?

If so they are fcuking ace, I've had two, not sure of their offroad capabilities though and they are a bit pricey these days:
Quite right I do - explains the cinquecento name. Doh! Memory had to stretch back to the 80s to recall the 'off-road king' I mentioned. If you bought a bright yellow one for about 10 pounds in 1985 I think I've seen it. :D Is it true they have straps under the chassis so you can wear it like a rucksack?
Never had a yellow one, mine where both blue. I drove into a NAAFI car park once where a load of RN field gunners happened to be pissing up. As I came out of the NAAFI I found my car rotated around 180 degrees. Very generous of them as it saved me the hassle of reversing out of the parking spot! :D
My missus used to have a daihatsu Sporttrak..nice enough little car, mpg wasn't great but not as bad as the big 4x4s was pretty good off-road as well.



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I've got an old Jeep Cherokee; not great MPG (25-30), but cheap to buy, comfortable on road and capable off it.

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