Discussion in 'Officers' started by goatbagthedruid, Apr 17, 2009.

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  1. Had a think about this over leave and also looking through a Regimental Journal and there are a surprising amount of more common officer names out there i.e:


    One Regt I was in changed the name of someone called Brian to Bertie so it was more suitable.

    Any other common names? The RLC must have some Dwaynes! :)

  2. I am sure Rupert and Piers are now majorly outgunned by the likes of Wayne, Shaun, Dell and Chelsea.
  3. Who cares? Surely nowadays we recruit officers principally on the basis of their ability to lead a pl / tp of soldiers into combat?

    Whether you're called Tarquin or Darren might have been seen as important back in the days when most of the Army just sat in Germany for decades at a time and had nothing more meaningful to worry about, but things have changed a little bit since then.

    There are a lot of highly effective officers out there who you wouldn't exactly call posh, but I don't suppose their soldiers care very much....

  4. choose whatever name you like sunshine; it only reinforces the perception of the class system and all its nonsense.
    "Daddy owns a Polo Club", "Daddy is a managing director of some faceless corporation" etc...etc...


    Household Cavalry and Guards only need apply.
  5. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Biting like piranhas in here today! :D

    In one battalion I served in, Kevin and Keith were renamed 'Henry' and 'Harry' to ensure proper 'officerliness'.
  6. Not biting - just puzzled as to why anybody thinks this sort of thing is important. It's the 21st Century, you know.

    Anyway, isn't there a General called Kevin? It doesn't seem to have done him any harm...
  7. and there was a bloke called Dwight who did quite well too.
  8. Alan,Simon, Benny, Brendan, Keith, Paul, Jerome, Fiona, Maggie, Marie, Denise, Di, Sue. Make of that what you will. mind you we are all doctors and nurses.
  9. Edward is a proper officers name

  10. I was planning to change my name to ........... Crispin
  11. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    I don't think anyone has suggested that it's important.

    When you place your lonely hearts ads, do you include the 'GSOH' bit?
  12. :) and I will be Araminta

    think you are more of a Tristan then a Crispin considering the industry you currently work in :D
  13. Can't see the relevance of the question - anyway I'm not a lonely heart... :D
  14. I did eliminate Sabastian but had long fretful doubts about casting aside Ranulf. The latter has such interesting edits..... Rafe, Ran.... :D :D
  15. Is a double-barreled surname not more important?